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What Players Do You Keep This Off-Season

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About all I see out there would be:

Coles, Hall, Thomas (but give these guys a few seasons in our losers locker room and they'll be totally infected).

I'll keep Ramsey for now. Friedman and Dockery. Chris Samuels is so grotesquely over paid that it's hilarious. Jansen I'd keep as a reserve.

WRs - Coles, McCants and Taylor Jacobs. I'm trading Gardner is he has value.

Secondary: I'll keep Terrell (as a reserve/special teamer), Bauman and Smoot. Maybe Bowen. Champ - see if you can get $18 million elsewhere.

LBs - I'd like to keep Armstead, Marshall, and Grant. Maybe Pierce.

Defensive Line - Maybe Holsey. The rest are NFL imposters.

RBs - It's hard to say, given our atrocious line play but Morton is good in small doses, Cartwright's a fair reserve. I'd like to see more of Betts before I cut him. I'd cut/trade everyone else.

TEs - Lord, who cares? What a group of non-entities. I will say that most any player in the league would have fumbled if hit like Flemister.

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This could ve been done during the days of Joe Gibbus maximus but we'd be in salary cap hell if we did that.

We have to franchise champ and get something for him if he doesnt want to resign.

And if he doesnt pursue one of the DC area guys like Shawn Springs and even mcalister those two we can get for the combined 18 million signing bonus.

Nobody is irreplaceable and that includes samuels and lavar

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I like the play of our linebackers and DBs (the safeties have been solid in their first full-time starting roles) this season (Trotter's numbers are noticeable up from last season and he and Armstead are the only ones not missing ten tackles a game), but our defensive line is consistently blown off the ball. I'd try to keep Russell and Wynn. You have to keep Upshaw because of his contract. But, after that, not one of those guys has played up to par. Jermaine Haley, by the way, can play DT with a broken hand, I've seen it done many times before. Unless there is something we don't know, or the injury is a super-break, or something else we've never heard of, get him off the team. Dalton might be worth keeping around, but Chase and Holsey either go too far upfield playing the pass prematurely, or get blown off the line when they try to play the run. Smith will be gone to retirement, and hopefully he gives back some of that bonus to ease out cap pain.

On offense, we don't need any of our TEs,, since the thought of using them (even Chamberlain, a former Pro-Bowler) has never crossed Spurrier's mind. Patrick Johnson's deal is up, we won't renew that.

Arrington is under contract still, but his cap number is a little high for a team with little room. Trade bait might be the only option if he doesn't restructure. That's a shame. Bailey won't be back, another shame. Wish there was a way to keep them, both are supposedly what we were supposed to build around, although we never did build around LaVar, only Bailey.

Basically, I like this team. With a little tweaking, and better coaching, we could have had a nice run this year. However, life isn't perfect, and we have simpletons in the coaches' offices.

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