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!!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up


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6 minutes ago, Skinsinparadise said:


Bruce is looking even worse over time on this.  From my perspective i never cared who was at fault.  I posted back then plenty evidence that both he and Trent were at fault for different reasons.  My thing is trade the dude.  


To use an ebay analogy.  Bruce basically took an item that could have gotten $200 last fall.  We got bidders.   Then waited for the market to flood with similar products and now we are begging for $100 for the same item.  Bruce is the same dude who leaked to all the beat guys of just you watch Trent's trade value will be better this off season than during the season.   It sounded stupid then but its playing out even more stupid now. 




Trent just proved that he was willing to veto trades, therefore you can't just assume Bruce being willing to trade him would have made something happen

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8 minutes ago, WilberMarshall said:

Congratulations Trent.


You just found a way to launder Bruce Allen's image without Bruce even trying. 


It was always YOU.  Not Bruce!


Nonsense. If you really just want to point some blame....  why not just skip the binary. Both parties have some responsibility here. But let’s not forget the training staff, specialists, Dan Snyder, etc. 


It’s so addictive!! Lol

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