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The Impeachment Thread


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  1. 1. Should Donald Trump be impeached for obstruction of justice?

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12 minutes ago, Cooked Crack said:





Trump supposedly dangling a pardon in front of somebody.  Not in exchange for trying to clear Trump.  But in exchange for making a false claim to try to clear Russia.  

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34 minutes ago, NoCalMike said:

Trump's latest learned lesson from bring impeached: Trump is the chief law enforcement officer.


Isnt he technically the Chief everything and his cabinet is jus for delegating responsibility?  Jus want to clarify, because we didnt start with all these cabinet members many were added over time.

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2 hours ago, Bang said:

The noose tightens.
i am sure none of this would have anything to do with setting us up for a massively rigged election in November or anything.


What a load of ****.





That's one crappy noose. Tightens weekly. Hangs NOTHING.

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45 minutes ago, Larry said:

Guess we know why Trump issued a batch of newsworthy pardons yesterday, huh?  

3 minutes ago, NoCalMike said:

That seems to be the pattern. Anytime news is about to break about another thing Trump did that would take down any other President, Trump gets ahead of the story by doing some other nonsense that occupies the media's headspace. 

I think y'all give him too much credit.
He doesn't care if bad news comes out, because none of it ever sticks to him, and if it does, he has the senate and AGs office to absolutely cover for him. If all else fails he will rely on his mob not giving a ****.  he doesn't have to get out in front of anything because he absolutely does not care about being "caught"..  he has made it so getting caught only emboldens his cult.
he doesn't care what the media says, because his followers are conditioned to ignore it, absolve it, and go with whatever he says. The rest of us are represented by people who can't do anything about it. The media can and has been screaming til it's blue in the face and have gotten exactly nowhere with any of it. Nowhere. 
we know what he is, we know what thy say is true, and he just keeps marching us along.

As i've said.. his whole attitude is and always has been "**** YOU".
he pardoned those guys because he is promising the rest of the upper crust filth that no matter what they do he has their backs so long as they have his while he continues to discredit and dismantle everything that makes us a democracy. 


It is high time we stop treating this like it's anything normal, and that anything normal will solve the problem. Because it's not and it won't.



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