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The Impeachment Thread


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  1. 1. Should Donald Trump be impeached for obstruction of justice?

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Barr under Trump reminds me of Dubya reuniting a lot of the Reagan-era band of interventionists like Rumsfield, Cheney, Wolfowitz, etc etc etc.....Barr was brought in because he has been a professional thug for a long time. He was exactly the type of AG Trump needed to hand out "Trump Justice" to people who were not loyalists. 

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2 hours ago, visionary said:
Is there some news dropping?


Something from Bolton or maybe just trying to show Roger he has his back so he doesn't spill the beans. It's a blantant attempt to influence a federal judge on behalf of his friend. It's remarkable how the GOP looks the other way if not actively encouraging behavior that they would instantly impeach a Democrat for doing. 

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So i just composed a new cheer we can all learn and use.

T is for Totally Corrupt!
R is for Ridiculously Corrupt!

U is for Unbelievably Corrupt!
M is for Mother****ing Corrupt!
P is for Positively Corrupt!






Oh, and here's one more
T is for Traitor who is selling us all out
R is for Rigging; our elections no doubt
U is for Undermining our nation and laws
M is for Morons flapping their jaws
P is for Piss, which i wouldn't throw on a Republican if they were on fire.



(OK< i know the last line doesn't rhyme, but i couldn't fit "i hope you all die in a fire" in there either.)



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3 minutes ago, visionary said:

It’s about reinforcing the idea that blatant hypocrisy is fine and that they can be as brazen about their horse**** lies as they want since the only thing that really matters is whether you are loyal to Trump or not.


“The only thing I care about is corruption!! I will always fight corruption!!”


“Soliticing bribes is no big deal. We all do it.”

In one acquittal.


Also, preconditioning people so that when he pardons Stone, Flynn, et al, it’s not as big a deal.

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