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Most hated part of the game (for those who were there)

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There are so many to chose from, but I for me it was hearing "Let's go Dallas" and not hearing it shouted down. I tried, but in the fourth quarter, I think Skins fans were outnumbered 3 to 1.

Other things on the list:

Watching an extra point where the D doesn't even make an effort to block. I mean half the line never even got set much less moved at teh snap

Watered down hot chocolate for $3 a cup in non insulated cups. Comeon for $3, atleast give us not watered down hot chocolate.

A stadium that leaks even on the covered parts.

Watching and jeering an O that can't seem to get anything going. To tell the truth, there were times in the fourth were I almost dreaded the Skins getting a first down. Look at what happened when they did: they threw an interception on the next play or they got penalties to move them backwards. I kept thinking of Cskins comment on my wedding invite fiasco: "Punt...on third down."

All of that ignores the cold rain that would have been much more pleasant if the Skins had been winning.

All in all, not my favorite Skins game. What are you going to do though?

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i saw da game, either all da skins fans left or all da cowgirls freakin took over! it was sad, real sad, and as a skins fan i have to ask myself, what da hell are they playin for? who are they representing? definetly not D.C, probably not even themselves. those aren't men walkin around in burgendy n gold, there children . winny little children. And everyone is goin to let them now that, starting with me. damn shame ya'll, its a damn shame.


0-16, 16-0, skins fan till i die!!!

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Watching Troy Hambrick run past, through, and over Redskins defenders.

Watching the Redskins sidelines wanting to challenge a ref's call, but searching frantically because no one seemed to know where the challenge flag was located. (Isn't that the type of detail that a well-coached team should be prepared for? Marty Shott used to be ridiculed for being anal about such things, but goddammit at least you felt the team was prepared.) The call was indeed overturned to the Skins favor, but they came real close to missing the opportunity to challenge.

Witnessing FedEx Field turned in to a party zone for Dallas Cowboys fans during the 4th quarter. As Skins fans left, Cowboy fans stayed. And celebrated. Loudly. Obnoxiously.

Watching the rain puddle on my rain gear and soak through my gloves as I realize there is no way the offense will score in this game.

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