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Press Release: #REDSKINS QUOTES - Gruden, J. Allen, Haskins, Keenum


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Head Coach Jay Gruden



On LB Reuben Foster’s status:

"Yeah, he’s going to get his MRI, and CT stuff and all the other tests he has to do. We don’t have any information right now. Just ran through a gap and stepped on [Tyler] Catalina’s foot and landed funny on his left leg so we’re going to get that checked out."


On QB Case Keenum and QB Dwayne Haskins:

"Yeah, that’s key. They have to learn the system first, then go out here and participate in practice and then produce and make the right reads and throws. It’s going to be a process. It’s the very, very beginning and we’re installing plays for the first time for the group. You know we started a couple weeks ago, but now we’re actually going out and being able to practice against a defense for the first time which is a whole other step. So, it’s a long process and I think they both handled it well today. Hopefully we’ll do better tomorrow and the next day and so on and so forth and I’m sure it will be a good, lengthy competition with some great players going at it."


On the level of concern with Reuben Foster’s injury:

"Yeah, especially Reuben is the type of player that he is and the energy that he brings he wouldn’t be laying down unless something was wrong. We’ll hope for the best right now until we get the results. But, very concerning for sure. I’ll just have to wait and see before I get too emotional about it."


On evaluating Keenum and Haskins:

“Well, I think we have to grade them based on production out here every day. Every day is a new grade, every day you see how they’re developing, see how they’re getting better, see if they’re making the same mistakes over and over. But it’s a process, this is the first time Dwyane has had a chance to call plays in a live huddle and go after a live defense and this is the first time Case has had a chance to do that with the Redskins terminology. So, we don’t expect perfection on the day one, but we do expect the guys to know what they’re doing when we go out to the practice field, execute and then continue to get better each and every day. So, somebody is going to rise I would think. The cream always rises to the top and we’re hoping that’s the case.”


On the off-field incident S Montae Nicholson:

"I haven’t heard anything, so I think that’s just another thing we have to wait and see what happens with the league. All I know is they were dropped and hopefully Montae will be a part of this team."


On the status of CB Quinton Dunbar:

"Quinton’s running, he’s doing very, very well. We’re just being very cautious right now you know he had that nerve and we want to make sure that thing is strengthened and he’s running full speed, feels good, but still we just want to make sure we take the precautionary route and make sure he is 100 percent before we let him go."


On S Landon Collins:

“Landon Collins is still rehabbing. We expect him back for training camp.”


On WR Paul Richardson Jr’s status:

"Richardson could be back a little sooner than that, but we’ll probably air on the side of training camp for him."


On the status of QB Colt McCoy:



On RB Derrius Guice’s progress:

"Derrius is coming along very well. We’re just trying to make sure that leg, the quad and everything has full strength before we let him go. That’ll probably be another thing that we’ll wait until training camp as well."


On Keenum mentoring Haskins:

"I think he’s more worried about himself right now because he’s got a lot to learn himself. He’s going through this process for the first time as well, it’s not like he’s been here for 10 years. Everybody talks about [QB] Alex [Smith] when he mentored [QB Patrick] Mahomes over there, well Alex had been in the system, he had been playing for a while it was a little bit easier. Now that Case is here for the first time he’s got a lot to learn and we’re teaching them both equally like they’re new guys learning a new offense."


On Foster being on the field:

"Yeah, very excited. I love the energy he brings to this football team. Obviously he’s been through a lot as a young football player off the field and on the field. But, I’m just very disappointed in what happened in his first rep as a Redskin. He runs through the gap and gets injured. We’ll just hope for the best but I was excited to see him for sure."


On the conversation with Foster after leaving the field:

"Well, he’s devastated. He’s obviously very guarded right now. He felt something happen in his leg, we don’t know what it is yet. Hopefully it’s, like I said we’ve got to get all the tests back but he’s very upset about it. There’s not a lot of talk going on, he was pretty hurt."


On if Foster was responding to physical pain or if it was an emotional reaction:

"Probably a little bit of both. You know I think a lot of times when you have an injury like that to the lower part of your leg you might feel something. You know you probably think the worst a lot of the time, but sometimes you get good news. That’s happened before so hopefully that’ll be the case now."


On offseason injury prevention:

"I don’t know. It’s the third play. It’s a jog-through type tempo, type play. We’re just working on nakeds and keepers, faking the outside zone and running a keeper and Reuben just ran through and just kind of, three-quarter speed landed on a foot and got his knee tangled up. I don’t know how to process it really. We’ve had some bad luck over here for the last couple years. This one here takes the cake because this was a non-contact drill and there was really no contact involved in it. He just landed funny. But, we have to move on. We have to get the guys ready that are here and we have to do the best we can to get Reuben healthy again and move on. We can’t stop practice and not practice because of these injuries. We still have to practice, evaluate our players and work on our crafts. In order to do that, we have to do some of these drills. I wish I had the answer for you. You know, sometimes I wish we’d just do all walk throughs and then go play on Sundays. But, we’ve got to practice."


On how to move forward after the injury:

"Yeah, we move forward. I think we’ve have a history of having to do that at all positions, really. You know, like I said we’ll wait until we get the final word but we do have a lot of depth at every position right now, and linebacker is no different. We drafted [LB] Cole [Holcomb], we have [LB] Mason [Foster] and obviously [LB] Shaun Dion [Hamilton]. [LB] Josh Harvey-Clemons is doing a fine job in there so we have some bodies in there that we feel pretty good about."


On Nicholson’s absence today:

"You know what; I’m not really surprised about that. [CB] Josh [Norman], Montae, [T] Trent [Williams], it’s voluntary. The coaches are put in a unique situation here where you want everybody to be here, but it’s voluntary based on the CBA so there’s really no reaction that we can have other than coach the guys that are here the best way we can and get them ready. We told them today that this is for your benefit, not ours. You know we’re trying to get you better. Some players that choose not to be here, that’s their own choice. They feel like they’re getting better with their own trainers in their own way, which is understandable. We just coach the guys that are here."


On if Nicholson’s absence was voluntary:



On CB Jimmy Moreland:

"Jimmy got the first pick of the day today. Figured it would’ve been him. He’s got great ball skills and he’s got a great confidence about him. I told him this is his type of day, a non-contact day Jimmy because he’s a smaller-type guy. (Laughs). I knew he was going to shine today. I said, ‘Just wait Jimmy, just wait.’ No, but he’s a great competitor. I love the energy that he brings. He’s a great competitor and I think when the pads do come on for real I think he’ll be right there in the mix with everybody."


DL Jonathan Allen




On LB Rueben Foster:

"I didn’t [see his injury]. It is disappointing, but we cannot really say anything until his MRI, just waiting on that right now."


On the magnitude of Foster leaving OTA:

"Personally, I think everything happens for a reason. God has his plan, you do not always know what he is going to do, but you got to have faith and like I said, we do not even know what happened yet, so we will have to wait for the MRI. He is definitely in my prayers and trust me, I know Rueben, he’ll be fine."


On if Foster misses time:

"He is going to work his [butt] off to recover and get back on this team. He just wants to win."


On if the team is cursed with injuries:

"Not at all. Every team deals with injuries, we just have to deal with them the best we can and move on."


On QB Case Keenum and QB Dwayne Haskins:

"I am a defensive tackle, so I have no idea what goes on with the quarterbacks. They seem pretty cool from what I have seen. I am just happy they are on our team."


On if his former Alabama teammates helped Foster get acclimated to the Washington Redskins:

"Everything you do, everything I do, everything he does, everything we do is to help this team win, day-in and day-out. When something like this happens, the only thing going through our mind is ‘What can I do to help myself get back as fast as possible?’ Anything beyond that is out of our control."


On moving the defense to the next level:

"It is really consistency. I feel like when we are we are consistent and do our job, we can play with the best of them. That is the tough part of the NFL, is doing it week-in and week-out. As long as we can do that, we will be fine. Get consistently better at what we do."


On if he has had conversations with the players who are not at OTAs:

"Not too much. It is only my third year in the NFL, so I am really focused on the defensive line. I try to help the group as much as possible. If they are not here then I’m sure they are out there working somewhere else. I really do not know, I can only focus on the guys who are here and I know this group that’s been here has been working."


On his first impressions of LB Montez Sweat on the edge:

"I like him. I like him a lot. All I know is that he is big, tall, long, and he works. That’s all that matters."


On the chemistry of the defensive line:

"It helps a lot. When you have a group of guys who hold you accountable, it really pushes you to be your best every day. The thing we always say is ‘You should never feel comfortable.’ We try to make everything and everybody uncomfortable in this building. That is just our goal every day, to make it uncomfortable as possible for everybody to help promote growth."


On the overall depth of the defensive line compared to other teams in the NFL:

"I have only been here, so I only understand here. We like everybody we have here. Everybody here is willing to work and do what they are asked to do and play football. That is really all I can ask for."


On what the defensive line does to grow and improve as a unit:

"Talk [trash] and compete."


On S Landon Collins:

"He is an alpha male. He is going to do it right and do it physical. I love the way he comes up and plays inside the box. He can reach across the field and make plays all over. He is an all-around safety and I am glad he is on our team."


On if any of the other new guys caught his eye:

"That caught my eye? For the most part, our whole defensive line, they are all working hard and that is kind of how I determine if you are going to fit in or not. If you are going to come in and work hard we can always find room for a guy who will work hard. I like our whole D-line. I really like our whole defense. It’s just about going out there and being consistent. If we can do that, we will be fine."



QB Dwayne Haskins


On Day 1 of OTAs:

"It felt great. Football is football so I was able to go out there and throw some good passes today, learn from Case (Keenum), and have a great day."


On LB Rueben Foster:

"I was surprised by the way it happened. I hope he’s okay. I was right there when it happened. It was definitely awkward, but I hope he’s alright."


On if he saw the play that led to Foster leaving OTA:

"I think he got rolled up on. I think he's going to be OK."


On competing with QB Case Keenum:

"It was great. I want to be with the best, be around the best, and compete with the best. All season I’ll be around working out with the best quarterbacks on my team. Not only is he a great quarterback, but he’s someone who wants to help me and that means a lot to me."


On learning the offense:

"I feel like it’s going great. I’ve got to take baby steps since I’m still a rookie and it won’t happen overnight. I’m doing my part, studying as hard as I can and being on the field."


On patience:

"I’m most patient with terminology and regurgitating the plays in the huddle. When it comes to knowing what I’m doing I feel like I’m pretty good."


On the pace of learning the offense:

"I know what I’m doing with my eyes in the right place. That just comes with the process of learning and doing the most when I’ve got meetings in the board room and on the field. That’s what happens."


On walking onto the field:

"I’m blessed. It’s a great opportunity and I’m home in a great place with a great organization, great players. I’ll take every day and don’t take it lightly. I’m very grateful."


On his expectations:

"I didn’t have any expectations for today, I just wanted to execute. The biggest thing for me was going to play right in the huddle."


On being overwhelmed:

"No. Football is football. I just have to do my part and everything else will take care of itself."


On meeting Keenum:

"I met him at the Super Bowl. At the time he was a Bronco and I had no idea where I was going. It was cool to get to talk to guys like him in the NFL. I grew up watching people like him, and it’s great to have him, Colt McCoy, and everyone. It’s surreal for me."


On working with Keenum:

"The biggest thing is talking ball. It’s different terminology and it’s like speaking the same language. This is what we need to be able to do… having Coach O’Connell, Coach Gruden and Coach Rattay (Quarterbacks Coach Tim Rattay) the all speak the same language and right now I don't.  So, it's just trying to get on the same page as them."


On experience in the quarterback room:

"It’s great. At Ohio State we knew what was going on and to be able to have those guys (Keenum, McCoy, Alex Smith) in the room being able to pick their brain is great. I’ll make sure I use that."


On QB Alex Smith:

"I haven’t met Alex yet but I’m sure I’ll talk to him soon about his days as a quarterback and what he did for (Patrick) Mahomes. What he did was very instrumental for him (Mahomes) this year."


On coming into OTAs:

"I felt better coming into this than I did going into [rookie] mini-camp as far as knowing what I’m doing. It’s an everyday process. The biggest thing is being with the rookies and rocking with the vets and throwing to guys like [Trey] Quinn, Brian Quick and all of those guys, being on the same page with them. It's all about timing. I'm going to try my best to get my timing with them."


On surprises:

"Nothing really surprised me. I was expecting a lot of work and a lot of plays. I feel like I’m a pretty fast learner and that's just me applying myself. It’s looking good so far."


On his level comfort throwing the football:

"When you know where your eyes are supposed to be, it makes it a lot easier being able to read safety keys and read protections. You play fast when you know what you’re doing. Like I said, it’s all in the makings of watching film, studying after hours, and playing. When I’m on my P’s and Q’s I feel pretty good about it."


On the playbook:

"I feel like it's more detail oriented now as far as motions, orientations, and formations. It’s the same concepts in the basis of the playbook right now and as we get closer to the season, we'll start planning for games. Right now, it's just trying to get the basis."



QB Case Keenum


On the first day of OTA's:

"It’s good, man. It was good. It’s a warm day. We had fun man."


On connecting with the offense:

"Yeah, it was a good day one. Obviously, it’s not perfect. It’s not where you want to be, but I think you come off the field every day and there are things you did well and there's things you need to do better. We’re going to go back and learn. I love the work ethic of these guys. The coaches push us and the guys play hard. It’s fun. We had a hot day out here and competing against the defense is going to make us a lot better."


On the quarterback competition:

"It’s normal. I compete every day whether I’m playing football, playing ping pong, playing golf, I’m competing. I’m competing against myself. I’m competing against the defense. In the quarterback room, we’re always competing – throwing nets, trying to see who gets the most nets. Competition makes you better and that’s what the spring is about."


On how the Minnesota Vikings offense compares to this offense:

"There are some similarities, but there are a lot of differences too. I really am trying to learn this system for what it is. You know, Jay [Gruden], Kev [offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell], Cavanaugh [senior offensive assistant Matt Cavanaugh], all those guys have a great system in place – very quarterback friendly. It’s a lot of really, really good offensive minds in that room. I’m trying to soak it up, all that I can, and apply what I’ve known in my experience and what I’ve known and done before. I’m coming at this with a fresh start."


On improving:

"I need to go back and look at the film. I think there are certain starting points and certain plays where Jay wants my eyes. I need to get better at that. Having things come second nature, some of the protection calls - little things to clean up. I think overall, there’s a lot of good stuff, but I think there’s a lot of room for improvement as well."


On LB Reuben Foster’s injury:

"Yeah, a little bit. Obviously, it wasn’t good. It’s never good when anyone gets hurt, especially in the spring when we’re going against ourselves. We had a great talk today about protecting each other and being a team so thoughts and prayers with him. No idea what’s going on though."


On the difference between being a starting quarterback and competing for the spot:

"I’ve always treated it the same every time. I compete with myself extremely hard. I compete with guys around me. I’m coming out here to do my best every single day and then build on that tomorrow. Learn from it, go watch the film and be better tomorrow."



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I find myself skipping Gruden’s presser and reading everybody else’s comments.


And if you haven’t seen Pete Haileys Gruden impression, it’s worth a look.  Probably the best thing Pete brings to the table as an analyst.

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10 minutes ago, Malapropismic Depository said:


All I could find was a Jon Gruden.

Does he do Jay, too ?


Oh yea most definitely. Lol.  You got to catch him on Redskins 100. He kind of mumbles like Jay. I chuckle every time.

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6 hours ago, Vanguard said:


Oh yea most definitely. Lol.  You got to catch him on Redskins 100. He kind of mumbles like Jay. I chuckle every time.


Thanks for turnin me on, to him.

What I love about what he does here, is he impersonates the guy, right in front of him. I've always wanted to see celebs reaction when they're impersonated.

The real Gruden can't contain the laughter. And at some points it's hard to tell the real Gruden.

I mean...I tell you what...



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That’s Frank Caliendo I believe. Still funny, but the guy I’m talking about is a Redskins reporter.  You can see him do Jay Gruden’s voice from time to time on Redskins 100.  Pete Hailey, he’s a young kid out of University of Maryland.

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8 hours ago, Vanguard said:


1 hour ago, Vanguard said:

That’s Frank Caliendo I believe. Still funny, but the guy I’m talking about is a Redskins reporter.  You can see him do Jay Gruden’s voice from time to time on Redskins 100.  Pete Hailey, he’s a young kid out of University of Maryland.


8 hours ago, Vanguard said:


He kind of mumbles like Jay.


That just gave a great idea for a Jay impersonation and the mumbling habit.

Do a skit or a bit of him in the locker room at halftime, giving a halftime "speech".

And the players be like, "Coach, we wanna get fired up and stuff, but we have no idea whatcher sayin under that mumblin !"

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21 hours ago, Malapropismic Depository said:




That just gave a great idea for a Jay impersonation and the mumbling habit.

Do a skit or a bit of him in the locker room at halftime, giving a halftime "speech".

And the players be like, "Coach, we wanna get fired up and stuff, but we have no idea whatcher sayin under that mumblin !"


After seeing it, I’ve been working on my impression of Jay.

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