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Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's


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Hoffman also said the team has invested time and energy this off season to get him mentally in the right place -- so this would be devastating for them in part also because they put extra investment in Foster.


Foster has been injury prone but I don't recall anything that has taken him out for a season in Alabama or SF unless am missing one. 




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28 minutes ago, purbeast said:

Craig Hoffman is on right now and said that he went down with a non contact injury and that he could audibly hear Reuben Foster crying when he was down, grabbing his knee.

This team is cursed.  A string of bad luck is one thing, but it occurs over and over and over.


Or is it that the brain trust has neglected improving the practice field conditions?  Then it's not so much of a curse, just sheer stupidity.

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I saw Foster as a wildcard and stated so before.  According to a Keim article a few days back that's exactly what Jay called Foster, a wild card  When Foster is at his best he's a missile of a MLB -- stud.  But I also didn't see him as a slam dunk -- he's been banged up and missed games, there were injury concerns about him before the draft though it was the shoulder not the knee.  He also according to SF reporters and PFF metrics -- didn't play that well last year after a good rookie year.


But for him personally I gather its devastating.  If he was trying to get his life back on track (according to some) and was rejuvenated playing with some of his old teammates and then in OTA that all might be lost for the season just like that -- that's really sad.


The Chad Dukes point below I think is premature.   Maybe he ends up the only major guy lost.  But it does feel like really weird bad luck to lose a player that quick. 




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