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2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

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3 hours ago, skinny21 said:

@Skinsinparadise That’s a good summary of People-Jones, IMO.  What I like about him (the things you highlighted), I like a lot.  He’s way more finess than physical though.  I think he can be a good receiver in the Pro’s.  You can’t teach the attitude, but at least he can learn to get off the LOS (although I think he has good footwork to release off press, he needs to get better with his hands) and block more consistently.  

Edit:  Thinking about it more, while I don’t really think it’s possible to really teach attitude, I think environmental aspects can maybe alter attitude to some extent.  If he saw McLaurin blocking and praise he drew from it, if he watches practice tape of our backs getting stopped by his man (and plays he is more aggressive paying off), gets hyped up by guys he respects, etc, maybe he could become a bit more aggressive on this front?  I don’t know.  


Forgive me if I'm nerding out on this and it's not of interest, but an attitude or edge can in fact be cultivated in certain people. Especially, when you have a person who already shows some semblance of an edge in other areas/contexts. However, it's teaching has to involve repeated first-hand exposure to the tension that occurs in specific intensities of conflict and re-wiring the body's automated responses, so it has the traction to stay above the threshold of flight/freeze/surrender. Over time you can adapt your body to enjoy the tension of fierce conflict and it instead has a galvanizing or insane, fierce joy creating response, depending on how far you take it and what your base level character composition is.  

You're right also that environmental influences can aid in that cultivation. I think what you mentioned above with McLaurin is occurring to some degree within the 49ers skill position guys taking the lead from George Kittle and his passion for blocking and physically dominating while doing so. Their modeling their behavior after his and the emotional contagion/charisma effect is most likely helping them adapt and maintain the levels needed for internalizing new tension thresholds.

Anyways, I won't go much deeper into it than that and bore people. But, I'm a living example of it's cultivation and the passive impact it has on how people subconsciously judge and treat you once that development has been internalized. I didn't develop my edge through football, but it has been tested and proven effective when dealing with federal prison and the actual killers I had to interact with on a daily basis.


/unasked for science lecture

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52 minutes ago, stevemcqueen1 said:

Not a good start for my boy Byron Murphy.  WTF happened to Chris Harris and Xavier Rhodes?

Seem to recall reading that they moved Harris outside this year?  I could be way wrong.  Fuller apparently struggled with this transition as well...

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10 minutes ago, PartyPosse said:

What about Howard?? I was a little surprised to see that.


I think it demonstrates the volatility of DB play.  Especially guys who are zone specialists.  Their success is heavily dependent on the guys around them as back end miscommunications can be ruinous.  Everyone in coverage needs to be playing on a string and if you've got weak links in there, they're going to cause the coverages to collapse.  And ideally, you want your back end zone guys to be able to play aggressive and line up in position to squeeze guys on the outside and break on the ball.  It's tough to do that when you're worried about having all these holes in your coverages.

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9 minutes ago, Anselmheifer said:

weird thing to comment on without being specifically asked. I would have guessed something about their play.


I watched that, he was trying to be polite throughout the whole broadcast/podcast.  He brought up the idea of having both dudes.  So I took it as he didn't want to slam Sweat in contrast to Young so he propped up the idea of having both dudes as equals or something like that.  The Rivera part of that podcast was really good.  Rivera has a presence about him that we haven't had in awhile.  

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18 minutes ago, Anselmheifer said:

weird thing to comment on without being specifically asked. I would have guessed something about their play.

For what it's worth, Terry McLaurin hopes "whatever team" refers to his team, the Redskins. McLaurin, who knows what a dangerous edge player looks like considering he was teammates with the Bosa brothers in Columbus, joined the Redskins Talk podcast at Super Bowl LIV in Miami to break down Young's game.


"Chase has those same intangibles," McLaurin said, comparing the 20-year-old to the Bosas. "And just the physical gifts he has, you're going to see him when he gets there. Everybody asks me about Chase Young, he's probably more of a solid Montez Sweat. You see how big Montez is, and to have another guy on the edge like that? I think that's a really unique opportunity."



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2 hours ago, Anselmheifer said:

I wonder if Cleveland feels similar to how I feel. If they could add Trent now, they can use the 10th pick on another position. If I were Cleveland, I might try to trade a 2nd and 4th for Trent and use that top pick on a defender, Simmons if he falls, or possibly one of the DT's. 

Clev should offer their 2021 #1 for Trent & draft Wirfs. 

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I like Olson. Plays with a mean streak and gets downhill. Trusts his instincts and plays faster than he actually is. 

Seems to be in positions that would get him in trouble more against better competition, but he’s a man amongst boys for sure. Decent later round MIKE flyer to compete with Holcomb.


I like how Barry loves contact, but he gets knocked off his path a lot. He’s pretty quick for an inside backer and his aggressiveness gives a D nice little edge. 

He’d be a developmental guy, without seeing his size he plays “small” for an inside backer... with a little NFL strength he could be quite the get.

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@KDawg I think you’re absolutely right about Gaither.  I watched him after watching Willie Gay Jr, and he’s just on another level.  Big part of that is the hands, as you mention (he uses his far better than WGJ), but he’s so well rounded.  That whole defense seemed to play really well together, but he’s the clear standout of the bunch.  A bit undersized I believe, but that really doesn’t matter to me at all when watch him do all of the things you listed.  I bet he’d be a fringe first rounder with better size, but I don’t expect he’ll be their for us in the 3rd.  I assume he’d be a WILL in the NFL?

Troy Dye (Oregon LB) uses his hands well, but doesn’t seem like he’s nearly as athletic as Gaither.  I do like him though in the mid rounds.  Dye would probably fit better as a SAM or Mike, which maybe fits our needs more?   

For what it’s worth, PFF has Dye at 54, ADG at 56, and Gay at 75.  

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What’s the knock on Okwuegbunam?  I believe Walter had/has him as their top TE?


BTW, Renner’s list underscores the depth of the receiver position - Hamler, both Jefferson’s, Peoples-Jones and Edwards all on the outside looking in, and are maybe all top 10 most years, IMO.  

Cool to see Deguara and Sullivan make the top 10...

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