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inmate running the asylum

As bad as Norv Turner was, he looks good now compared to Spurrier

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Couple things...

first, remember, Marty the coach didn't get fired,,, Marty the GM did, and then he quit as coach. Marty's personel decisions were not good ones, and the fact we went 0-05 and had to go 8-3 to just break even was Marty's fault.

Look, when you're HOPING in week three that Tony banks has absorbed enough of the offense to matter, then there's a serious problem.

Notice how wonderful the Chargers are.

The Schottenheimer we should NEVER have let go was Kurt, because the defense under him played quite well.

Next, Norv was NOT an above average coach, he was an AWFUL coach, and no matter how fondly we want to look back on him, that won't change. His teams DIED down the stretch every year. I don't care if they were better prepped, they ended up losing, and that is the bottom line.

Third, we couldn't have traded for Drew Bledsoe. Bledsoe's contract was for over 100 million bucks over quite a few seasons, and when you trade, you either renegotiate the deal, or you accept it. And in no way could we afford him, nor would anyone ever want him, if you ask me. All the talent in the world, and he wins 7 or 8 games every year. I don't care what he did as a kid with Parcells, since then he's been an average, run of the mill QB.

Seriously,, lamenting over Norv is just sad.

Have some pride, folks. If for no other reason than the colors.


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