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The National: Army poised to take power in Sudan after mass protests against President Omar Al Bashir


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Army poised to take power in Sudan after mass protests against President Omar Al Bashir


Military vehicles surrounded and entered the state TV and radio stations in Omdurman, Sudan's second largest city, on Thursday morning.

Military chiefs met without President Omar Al Bashir, Al Arabiya said.


Sudan state radio started playing nationalistic music and state TV said the armed forces would make an important announcement shortly.

Witnesses said there is a heavy deployment of armed personnel on the streets of Khartoum, the country's capital.


Protests entered their fifth day with demonstrators staging a sit-in in front of the army headquarters on Wednesday.


Protest organisers say 21 demonstrators have been killed since the start of the five-day sit-in.


After months of unrest, Sudanese soldiers are defying orders to crack down on demonstrators, pitting them against their commanders and government security services.

Protesters say they welcome the protection but fear that the country could slip into civil war if the clashes continue.


Sadiq Al Mahdi, a Sudanese political leader prominent in the opposition movement, called for "a select military command" to negotiate a transition towards democracy.

The three western nations released a statement on Tuesday evening calling on Mr Al Bashir to step down.


"The time has come for the Sudanese authorities to respond to these popular demands in a serious way," their embassies said. "The Sudanese authorities must now respond and deliver a credible plan for this political transition."


The sit-in began on April 6 to mark the 34th anniversary of the 1985 coup that overthrew the brutal regime of president Jaafar Nimeri.








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