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With Angry/Venting mode off......what do we do to fix this team?

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1. Fire the coaches and bring in some experienced NFL people. ( I know I said give SOS another year but I have changed my mind. Who wouldn't after watching the Skins get jobbed 27-0?)

2. Release some players. The point has to be made that players have to produce or else.

3. Find some scouts that can bring home the bacon.

4. Last but not least FIRE VINNY "My eyes bug out too far" Cerrato and bring in a qualified GM. I'd be happy to see Charlie Casserly's smiling face at this stage of the game.

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Steal more players from the Jets in the offseason......Coles, Morton, Thomas, and Hall have been some of the only players worth a damn this year (although Chad did mess up yesterday on the punt return).

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two main thing are more important then anything for the redskins: leadership and fear. this team could have gone to the playoffs if they had those two essential things, and no one can win without them. the players dont fear spurrier, hence they dont respect him, hence they dont play. they don't play cuz even when they do they get completly confused by coach's that don't know what the hell they're doing! they have no faith in spurrier or this organization and no one(besides maybe smoot and coles) has stepped up to give them somethin to believe. u dont fight for what they dont believe, hence i partically dont blame them, but at the same time i shame them. bring someone who gives a damn about this game, someone who they can rally around, and i there's no way we can't get 100% out of this team. but until then, i'll admit it, we suck.


0-16, 16-0, skins fan till i die!!!

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I don't know why all the hub-bub for defensive tackles...we need ENDS.. pass rush.. something to make opposing QBs piss themselves once in a while.

We have linebackers that should make players cringe, and they don't even worry about them.

Want to fire someone to send a message? Start off with Jeremiah Trotter.

Tell me,, does anyone think this guy is any better than Kevin Mitchell? I don't see that much difference. I see Trotter out of position all the damn time.

An old phrase goes.. "one awsh!t wipes out ten attaboys..."

By that reasoning, Trotter is WAY in the hole. We thought that giving him more freedom and allowing him to react instinctively would make him better, and all it has done is put him out of position, cause him to rush the wrong gap, cause him to blitz at the wrong time.. clearly his instincts don't know much about what they're doing.

Get rid of Edwards. I don't care if the players complain about it, and how much they moan that they like him... the job isn't getting done at all.. if they had dropped from 5th in the NFL to say, 15th, then yes, that is a significant drop, but one that could be forgiven due to Edwards inexperience, but to drop to 22nd is just pathetic. The fact that they break every single time is just pathetic. Allowing Troy Hambrick to rush for nearly 200 yards at home is inexcusable. THe defense should be so completely ashamed of themselves that they should send us all 10 dollars for making us watch it.

If the defensive players cry that Edwards is released, then point out that it's their fault that he's out of a job.

Dan Snyder ought to make Steve Spurrier punch a time clock to make sure he's putting in the hours required to prepare his team. I agree with everyone who says we are possibly the worst prepped football team in the NFL. Spurrier still seems to believe that they can just go out and 'pitch it around' and everything will be fine. I think one reason our players are so poorly prepared is that the coaches are poorly prepared.

Well, obviously, that ain't the case. We've got players on offense, absolutely. We suffer from youth at QB, and we've suffered with poor protection, but the protection woes have gotten much better. However, it would be nice to see a Redskins team address these problems BEFORE the season actually begins, rather than halfway thru it for a change.I think Snyder gave the coaches the players they wanted, and the coaches have coached them poorly. This is due to a lack of NFL experience or whatever, but there isn't much forgiveness when it boils down.

When he first got here, Spurrier's off the cuff style was refreshing, and now he just sounds like Norv every week.

"Well, we played hard and competed, BUT..."


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