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2019 ES GMs Mock Draft - Final!

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11 hours ago, skinfan57 said:

I think this has been the smoothest draft yet and everyone did their homework. I'm really looking forward to the real draft now so we can get an idea of how well we did. Thanks to all!

I went on record  before the draft that I had not, in fact, done my homework.

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Just now, goskins10 said:

So how would this year be any different for the Pack? 😂:cheers:

Usually I spend enough time digging through the prospects to convince myself that a guy who will eventually go undrafted should be taken in the 4th.

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18 hours ago, PokerPacker said:

Usually I spend enough time digging through the prospects to convince myself that a guy who will eventually go undrafted should be taken in the 4th.

I did that in the 3rd this year! 

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1 Edge Rashan Gary

2 WR Hakeem Butler

3 C/G Connor McGovern

3 S Amani Hooker

5 TE Isaac Nauta

5 WR Darius Slayton

6 CB Mark Fields

7 OT Tyler Roemer

7 LB Sione Takitaki

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2019 ES Mock Draft Summary –


Minnesota Vikings – The biggest needs going into the draft were Oline and Dline. While there are other positions of some need, these were clearly the two needs and we feel very good about how we filled them. We also added some talent with some mid to late rd picks that we were honestly surprised were still on the board when we picked them. 


1st Rd - Pick #18 overall - Clelin Ferrell – EDGE – Clemson – A prototypical 4-3 DE with incredible get off at the snap. He has amazing timing. He also has the length and speed to use that get off to his advantage. In addition, while he did not use them very much in college, he has several very good moves to both go inside and outside the blockers. He has great hands. He will need to work on consistency and how to develop a game plan. He relied on ability and getting an initial jump a bit too much but this can be coached. While Danielle Hunter had a breakout season, Everson Griffith took a big step back last year and is getting older, missing five games. There is adequate back up in Stephon Weatherly but the Vikings Defense revolves around the Dline. So when Ferrell was available at #18, he was not only the best player left on our board, he filled a major need. We did consider going Oline here, but felt that after Williams and Taylor, who were already gone, we could get similar talent later and Ferrell has too much talent and upside to pass.


2nd Rd pick #50 overall - Elgton Jenkins, OL Miss State – After addressing Dline in the 1st, we really wanted to look Oline here and found a top target available in Jenkins. His versatility is the first thing that sticks out in that he has played virtually every position on the line. Having said that we expect him to man the LG position after signing Josh Kline for the RG job. He has great quickness for an interior lineman with good body control. He has great hand placement and leg drive. Good a creating leverage with his hands. Will need to work on driving his blocks and operating in space. After releasing Remmers this became a priority position. Jenkins should also be able to provide a back-up at C for Pat Eflien considering his injuries  at C to lock down the inside of the Oline (at the time of the ES draft Brent Jones had not been resigned and it was not a sure thing he would be). Keeping one Mr. Kurt Cousins upright is a main priority after he took 40 sacks last yr – this after taking 41 the yr before which led to 22 fumbles – 12 lost over the two years. Cousins needs better protection and Jenkins should be a big part of doing that.


3rd Rd Pick #81 overall - Gerald Willis III – OL – Miami (Fl) – We went back to the Dline, this time addressing the interior of the line. Sheldon Richardson left via free agency leaving a hole we thought we filled last year. After struggling with some maturity issues, Willis found his stride in 2018 finishing with 59 tackles, 18 tackles for loss and 4 sacks in 18 gms. His hand injury that caused him to miss the bowl game is not expected to be an issue. He has better athletic ability than people realize, he already has a good swim move and can be a disruptive interior blocker. He needs to work on getting lower more consistently. His pad level is too high sometimes and can be run over.


4th Rd Pick #120 – Devin Singletary – RB – FAU – This was as much a BPA pick as anything. We had Singletary as one of the top 3 back in this draft and low 2nd to high 3rd rd grade on him. When has was still available in the middle of the 4th rd we had to take him. He rushed for over 1000 yds every season and led the nation in rushing TDs in 2017 with 32. All the guy does is produce. He is a little undersized at 5’ 7”, but is strong and patient runner displaying a toughness of bigger backs. He is also already very good at pass blocking making him a solid 3 down back. Dalvin Cook has struggled with injuries (2017 knee injury and lingering hamstring issues in 2018) and not much in terms of depth after losing Latavius Murray to free agency, Singletary should step right and provide quality snaps further supporting Cousins and the offense.  


5th rd – Pick #165 - Darius Slayton – WR – Auburn – We were due to set through the 5th round without any picks going 70 picks total without stepping to the podium. We were willing to do so and had a plan but as Darius began to drop we started to feel like the value was too great to pass. Therefore, we trade our two 6th rd picks to get into the 5th rd to select Slayton and we could not be happier. Many will undervalue Slayton if they look mostly at 2018. However, the entire Auburn offense was horrible in 2018 moistly due to an atrocious oline that had Jerrod Stidham running for his life on most every play (this will likely lead to him sliding also.) Still, Slayton produced when he was thrown to catching 35 passes for 670 yds (19.1/catch) and 5 TDs. The old saying of speed kills comes to mind here. Slayton is definitely a high speed later but is more than just a speedster. He can run a full route tree and has very good eyes to track the ball. He also uses his hands well to fend off CBs and get past press coverage. He will need to work on concentration at the next level. He had a few more drops than you would like but getting him in the 5th rd just made his upside too enticing.


7th rd – Pick #247 - Marvell Tell III – S – USC – This may be our steal of the draft. The only reason we think he may have fallen this far is it’s such a deep safety draft. We had a solid 4th rd grade on him. He is a very good cover S with good speed and burst to close on receivers. He will need to show a bit more physicality at the next level but we believe he can. In addition, you can never have enough cover guys on D. He could be a S/CB hybrid. If he can put on a few pounds without losing speed, he could at least provide solid depth with a very good chance on becoming a starter.


7th rd – Pick #250 - Mitch Hyatt – OL Clemson – We went back to Oline, providing some depth with a developmental player in Hyatt. Displays good technique and quickness. Very smart player who understands the position and the game very well. Was a leader for the Clemson Oline. He lacks some of the size you like to see at the NFL level but that could be addressed by the trainers. He should at least provide Oline depth.

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On 4/1/2019 at 7:45 PM, Gibbs Hog Heaven said:


Excellent take. 


I can see him going in the teens IRL. Especially to a ZBS team. Plug and play from day 1 as you alluded to. Great tape. Helped himself even more the combine. Really like him.



Good call on Bradbury in the teens.

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John Schneider took the challenge of turning water into wine with 4 picks. While I am very happy with my draft, he is really trying making his money. I dont like his first pick in RJ Collier as I see it as a reach in the 1st; especially with Risner and Taylor available and one of the worst lines in the league protecting Russ.


Recap of Skin'em's draft trades:


* 2019 Draft Trade Analysis (based on NFL trade chart value)

1. #21 , #124, 2020 6th to JAX for #38, #236, 2020 1st, 2020 2nd. [ +1079 ]

2. #38 to ATL for #45, #117, #137. [ +17 ]

3. #45, #159 to DET for #43, #204. [ +2 ]

4. #84, #137 to TAMPA for #80, #208. [ -8.2 ]

5. #117, #208 to CIN for #110. [ +6.2 ]

6. #204 to HOU for #220, 2020 6th. [ +5.6 ]


Total Value of Draft Trades [ +1201.6 ]


Recap of John Schneider's draft trades after the 1st round:


1. #84, Frank Clark DE to KC for #29, #92, 2020 2nd.  [ +22 ] ** Value of Frank Clark based on median value of a 1st round pick **

2. #21 to Green Bay for #30, #114, #118 [ -74 ]

3. #30 to NY for #37, #132, #142 [ -15.5 ]


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Huh.  So I had two 1st round picks, including one as high as 12th overall... and neither of them have been drafted thus far.  Guess I'm not winning any awards this year... again.  Well. I guess my second round pick did get taken in the first.  So I've got that going for me, which is nice.


I had Darnell Savage targeted for the Packers, but I was unable to trade back in the second round where I thought I'd find good value for him.  Turns out the real Packers traded up to take him in the first.

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2 hours ago, skinny21 said:

@volsmet Way to go WRT Tytus Howard man!

Hope that eases some of the sting from the Haskins pick. :)



Thank you, sir. Sweats medicals hurt however this will be graded, but he was the best DE available. 

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5 hours ago, goskins10 said:

I got Ferrell at #18. He goes #4 IRL. He is a solid player but I did not have him that high myself. I had him about 10 or 11. When he fell to 18 I jumped on him.



Congratulations man.


Reach and a half though that wasn’t it? Why I never liked Mayock’s opinion as an analyst. Just another in a LONG line of mediots. Always thought him and Gruden would do something crazy. Although the Giants arguably went even crazier with Daniel Jones.


One of the madest 1st rounds in recent years. Collier, Savage and Howard SO high for their talent level over other talent levels?  Harry the 2nd WR off the board in the first? Mad, mad night. 


Just goes to show, that like our draft, if people get set on a guy (and as I highly suspect happened last night, a lot of teams have foolishly let Coaches get involved late and sway them over scouts), that a players worth is more his worth to a individual team than actual talent level stacked against his peers. If NFL teams can take 3rd rounders in the first like last night (not Ferrell. You had him valued perfectly IMHO), so can we damn it! 


At least the Redskins took the best QB in the class and a super, super move up for Sweat.


Let the craziness continue today.





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Ok, a little summary form our little draft to the real draft. There are two charts - the first one is our draft order which shows who we took and who is left form who we took. The second chart shows the NFL draft order which shows all the players taken and where they went. 


1. The Tampa Bay GM @COWBOY-KILLA- hit the 1st rd pick exactly - same player at exactly the same position. Also, the Indianapolis Colts got the right player but in the 3rd rd! More on that later. 

2. The highest player left in our draft is Jawaan Taylor. I can tell you had he fallen to the Vikings at 18 I would have taken him. Not sure how he is still on the board. 

3. The biggest negative spread (NFL team taking the player than our draft) is Montez Sweat - The Bills took him at 9 where the Redskins took him at 25. Having said that, this is certainly one of the surprises of the draft. Starting early yesterday it was being reported that his medicals at the combine were wrong. Talent wise there is no doubt Sweat is top 10 for this draft. Just one part of a nutty NFL draft so far. 

4. Next chart - the biggest positive delta - The Colts @actorguy1 taking LJ Collier in the 3rd at pick #89 where the real Colts took him in the 1st at pick #29 (60 spot delta). Honorable mention must go to @volsmet  and the Bills for taking Tytus Howard with pick #74 where the Texans took him in the 1st with pick #23 (51 spot delta).


I cannot get over how bad the Raiders (yes I took Ferrell but never would have at #4!) and Giants drafted IRL. Both would have been better off with the ES Mock Draft GMs. 


More as the draft goes on - if I have time!   🙂   







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A few other notables in addition to the ES Bucs hitting exactly:


ES Jaguars took Quinnen Williams at the same spot as the Jets in the real draft.

ES Steelers got Devin Bush 10 spots after the NFL Steelers took him.

My ES Eagles picked Andre Dillard 3 spots after the NFL Eagles got him.


It was a very interesting draft last night to say the least. The biggest surprise for me was the Giants taking Jones at 6.  



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