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2019 ES GMs Mock Draft - Final!

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Top 2 edge rushers the top 2 picks. Nice.


Pass driven league.


Unless you’re a Redskins fan with Gruden as your HC. 😡


3 minutes ago, Lacesout said:

There's gotta be a faster way than this


This is fast.


Wait until we get the back end haha.



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1 hour ago, Lacesout said:

There's gotta be a faster way than this, at this rate the real draft will be over before this is done.

Yeah, by it’s nature it’s a slow process.  At times it will move really quickly and other times glacially slow.  


Only other way I can think of is getting everyone online at the same time and rapid firing through the draft, but it’s not practical to get 32 different people free at the same time.   That’s not factoring in giving everyone time to make their decisions and work out trades... and then multiplying that time by 254, lol.  

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5 minutes ago, Owls0325 said:

Will make selection soon, just going through couple of options 


Just noticed that I've been recorded as losing my second round pick when instead #98 was traded to the Jets. 




Sorry will update.  Saw the wrong number.   It is corrected. 

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Jacksonville Jaguars select #3:





This selection creates a scary front four for the Jags with Calais Campbell, Tavon Bryan, Quinnen Williams and Yannick Ngakoue


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