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"Israel is for Jewish people only" - Netanyahu

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BEERSHEBA, Israel (AP) — Props are a familiar part of Benjamin Netanyahu's repertoire when delivering public speeches — from cartoon bombs at the United Nations to a wall of CDs and binders supposedly seized from Iran by Mossad agents.

Now, the former prime minister — famed for his flair for the dramatic — is hitting the campaign trail with a new shtick. Behold: the Bibibus.

The bizarre bulletproof vehicle is part popemobile, part movie set and 100% vintage Netanyahu. As Israel heads to the polls for the fifth time in under four years, the veteran politician is using the Bibibus to attract passionate crowds of supporters and once again make himself the focus of attention among a weary electorate.

At a rally in the southern city of Beersheba on Tuesday, Netanyahu addressed a crowd of around 200 people in a mall parking lot. Flanked by his former finance minister, he spoke at a podium from the back of the modified delivery truck. Its side wall had been replaced with bulletproof glass, and its air-conditioned interior was backlit with an enormous LED screen projecting the logo of his Likud party over a fluttering Israeli flag.

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15 minutes ago, Renegade7 said:

So...what borders we talkin? Something the size of Rhode Island or an Indian Reservation? 😒



As I understand it, Israel's long held position has been that first, the Palestinians must retroactively agree to everything Israel has ever done to them. 

And then, Israel will allow them to sit at a table, and begin discussing what else they are willing to give up, if they want anything. 

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Tens of thousands protest new far-right Israeli government in Tel Aviv https://www.cbsnews.com/news/thousands-protest-new-far-right-israeli-government-tel-aviv-benjamin-netanyahu/

Tens of thousands of Israelis turned out in the rain Saturday night to protest the country's new government — led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — which includes far-right, ultraconservative and religious parties. The Netanyahu coalition's proposed policies pose a threat to democracy and human rights in Israel, the protesters say.

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Thousands fill streets to protest Israel's "scary" new government https://www.cbsnews.com/news/israel-protests-new-government-benjamin-netanyahu/


Tel-Aviv — About 100,000 Israelis took to the streets on Saturday for the third week of demonstrations against the country's new far-right, ultra-religious government.


To secure his sixth term as Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has formed a coalition with extremist political parties that support the introduction of more severe anti-Palestinian legislation, including banning the Palestinian flag in public spaces and expanding Jewish settlements in the West Bank that are illegal under international law. Some coalition members also support amendments to Israeli laws that protect the rights of women, LGBTQ people and other minority groups.

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Israel’s got a weird demographic problem. The people who have the most kids tend to be Palestinians and Orthodox Jews, putting younger Israelis at extreme ends of the political spectrum. The people in the middle (politically) tend to have fewer children and those kids are more likely to eventually move out of the country for their careers (namely to the US). So it’s a double whammy.


The divide is only going to get worse- the political middle ground (and the populace who want such a middle ground) is shrinking. 

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