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41 minutes ago, Master Blaster said:

The comparison was made to show that a small sample size isn’t enough to show the whole picture. 


The problem is, you're not showing the whole picture. You're comparing the Browns and Redskins situations as if they're even remotely similar. And then bringing the 2012 Redskins into it as well for some reason, but I'm willing to leave that tangent behind if you are. It seems I misunderstood your reasons for bringing it up. 




Browns turned a 4th place schedule into 7-8-1, overhauled their entire coaching staff, and now “won the off-season.”  


If the Redskins had done the same everyone would be laughing at them. 


If the Redskins had done the same...


While going into year two with a #1 overall stud QB...

And hiring the mind behind the offense that clicked with him as the new HC...

While being loaded down with picks and cap space all over...

And trading for impact players to add to a deep pool of drafted young talent...


Yeah, they'd be seen as "winning the offseason" and nobody would be laughing at them.


Problem is, we aren't anywhere close to where the Browns are as a roster or an organization right now. Not in the FO, not in the coaches offices, not in the QB room, or really anywhere else either. 


So...it's not comparable. At all. Which is why I still don't understand the point you were trying to make. 

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47 minutes ago, rumplestilskin said:

He's a guy the saints just snatched up. Damn it.

At 4 years and 24 mill.  I think not for a much injured player.  No thank you.  Saints were desperate due to Unger retiring.  

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7 hours ago, TheShredder said:

Possible some misdirection at the combine when Gruden mentioned Scherff and how they 'must' extend him now and that it was a priority. 


I say misdirection because it really depends on what their plans are.  We all know how well Scherff has developed into a Pro Bowl RG.  As well, we know he's not a RT.  So, this year he's costing 12.5M in the final year of his first contract.  Now, his agent would be theoretically be looking for an extension in the range of his possible tag number.  That's 14.2M yr. range.  Can see that here:


2019 Franchise Tags

  • Quarterback: $25.103MM
  • Running back: $11.322MM
  • Wide receiver: $16.948MM
  • Tight end: $10.486MM
  • Offensive line: $14.201MM
  • Defensive end: $17.291MM
  • Defensive tackle: $15.355MM
  • Linebacker: $15.591MM
  • Cornerback: $16.175MM
  • Safety: $11.256MM
  • Punter/kicker: $5.018MM

Normally when they look for an extension before the player begins his final year, they'll negotiate a larger Signing Bonus and lower annual cap hit as it benefits both sides.  The advantage to the player is that should they get a larger than Franchise Tag total compensation in the first 1-3 years, then the back end isn't a big deal.  If the player becomes a cap casualty in the back end, then the player gets a shot at a 3rd contract (and another Signing Bonus scenario).  If the player and agent decide they want to see what the market could give them, then the extension will never happen.  Player would get tagged on the 5th year and it's virtually muted situation unless the player refuses to play under the tag.  I don't think OL'men will play that game, but who knows.  Essentially, they'll have Scherff for at least 2 more years if they want him.  He'd be 29 year old FA for the 2021 year.  My point is that unless the Skins want to give him a 72.5M 5yr contract now, it's not going to happen.  He'd be making more then TW by almost 2.5M yr. as a RG.  Doesn't make sense because you can keep him around at less then that and no commitment should he blow out his knee.  Given the current situation,  do you trade him?  He's missed 10 games the last two years.  At that current pace you'd have paid him $9M while he's been on IR.  Smart move is to trade him if that gives you a better situation on a more expensive position (like Edge Rusher, QB, #1 WR).  No brainer.


Love this outside the box type thinking. I don’t think it’s a slam dunk either way and would be open to paying him, but if the right offer were to become available there’s some logic to it financially. I’d lean towards resigning him, due to no plan or young guys of perceived value behind him. 

6 hours ago, goskins10 said:


This is what so many people miss or just plain ignore. It's like if every signing for the 90 man roster is not a ****ing probowler it's a monumental disaster. Bringing Flowers is for OTAs and TC hurts nothing. And the argument tat it takes away a spot for someone else is not valid unless you can find another 1st rd draft pick that's 24 y/o and could maybe at least provide depth at a position of major need. Granted they reached he was probably a mid to late 2nd based on the draft analysis but that's not really the point. 


Not seeing why this would be such a bad thing. 


Might be the perfect time for Skins to jump in and require a position change to G. I’d imagine him and reps have wanted him to remain at T for higher pay and pride, but his time might be done as a T and be open to any opportunities to remain in the league. 

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2 hours ago, mhd24 said:



"Jamison Crowder had $8 million per on the table from the Redskins"





If this is true I am glad he decided to leave. He simply isnt worth it.


On the Levitre deal. I am not impressed. The guy took a pay cut to stay in Atlanta last year due to poor play. He then got hit with a season ending injury. I think Lauvau is a better player in all honesty.

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1 hour ago, SemperFi Skins said:
Ed Sheahin @NFLPhotoGuy
FollowFollow @NFLPhotoGuy

What in the Wide World of Sports is going here? Jay has not been included in any of the FA acquisition discussions? That he is gone no matter what after the season? Is this an admission of predicted failure by the team for 2019? Just when I started feeling good about things! 


Oh, cut the bull****, Sheahin...no way anyone was starting to feel good about things lol...

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56 minutes ago, clskinsfan said:


If this is true I am glad he decided to leave. He simply isnt worth it.


On the Levitre deal. I am not impressed. The guy took a pay cut to stay in Atlanta last year due to poor play. He then got hit with a season ending injury. I think Lauvau is a better player in all honesty.

What Levitre deal?. 



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48 minutes ago, HigSkin said:

Obviously communication has not improved...This from back in December.




Sorry, but this really is bull**** this time...he put that statement in quotes as if directly said by Gruden. Nope.


Here's what was said:


"You know there’s probably a lot of things that need to change, but I think just moving forward we’ve got to be on the same page as far as personnel, coaching, and all that stuff...But we have a good communication system, a good system in place right now.”



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Honestly, I wouldn't mind kicking the tires on Clay Matthews, who I figure should be on the cheap end these days. I have zero expectations for SDH, and going in with Mason Foster and a sketchy Reuben Foster does not make me happy. I'd happily jettison Mason for Clay. Or put him in as an OLB since I have zero expectations for Ryan Anderson too lol

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