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2 minutes ago, redskinss said:

Does anybody have the details as to why he retired midseason last year?



One word for ya... Raiders

2 minutes ago, RWJ said:

His signed a one year deal per Keim so I doubt 24 gets moved.

Cool..I'd rather not see him go..I know I mentioned a couple of times I can see him being involved in a trade this offseason.. but while saying that I would be thinking I hope this doesn't happen.


I believe Collins could bring the best out in Norman..6 picks for Norman this year.

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Montae I feel is our best option next to Collins at this point.I really hope Horton does not care about having interchangeable safeties and plays to our players strengths.Put Landon in the box and Montae single safety high.I expect that Montae is going to be suspended the first 4-8 games unfortunately.I hope Apke  can make strides and fill in for Montae as his strength is his speed and ability to cover ground. 

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This about summarizes it for me - a gadget guy you can play anywhere.  I like the move and they're both very familiar with the NFCE teams.




Redskins sign Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, which could give their secondary some flexibility


His experience and versatility could allow him to play the inside slot cornerback role in the nickel or even some safety in certain packages. 

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I came on here a little bit earlier to say I was absolutely stoked Ha Has signed for the Bears and not the Skins.  I did not want his sorry, can't tackle, can't play where I am supposed to and can't catch INT's right in my hands.  There are multiple reasons Packer's let him go and we experienced a couple of them.  He was not worth a mega contract.


I want DRC at CB.  But first round of the draft I am going FS or CB.  Our secondary has been a steaming pile of manure for the past - hell I don;t know how long.  Seems for forever our CB's and safeties get their asses handed to them. 


Then we need to address our little WR problem and the OL, which honestly may take preference over the secondary or WR at this point.

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9 minutes ago, UK SKINS FAN '74 said:

I think we'll have to bring another vet FS in. Pounce in a buyers market now the cream has gone. Still wouldn't discount Berry getting a look.


The master plan.......


Location:  Redskins Headquarters - Thursday morning, March 14th, 2019 around 9:00 am


Snyder:  Bruce, we need to sign as many veteran players as we can in the secondary.  I mean, we signed AD last year and it worked, it will work again!

Bruce: DRC wanted to play for us last year but he retired.

Snyder:  I want a Cromartie!  Make it happen Bruce!


****Bruce reaches out to DRC, and on Friday, March 15th signs him to a one year deal.  Deal is announced around 2:30pm*** 


Location:  Redskins Headquarters - Friday, March 15th, 2019 at 3:00 pm


Snyder:  I like this Bruce.  No in fact I ****ing love this!  But it's not enough.  I want more Cromarties Bruce!!!  All of them!!  Make it happen!

Bruce:  But boss, Antonio retired in 2017 and has been spending his time with his 13 kids.

Snyder:  Thirteen kids?!  That's the type of stud we are looking for on defense.  Full of testosterone and ready to lay the wood, both on and off the field!  Make it happen!  Hell, make all of his children water boys, whatever it takes.  Get him signed now!

Bruce:  *sighs*  

Snyder:  And don't forget to get Marcus too!  Wikipedia says that he is only 28 years old.  Only twenty ****ing eight years old Bruce!  Still a lot left in the tank.  With all three Cromarties starting at CB1, CB2 and slot CB, we will be unstoppable!!!!  I'm going to teach the entire world a lesson Bruce.  Never **** with the Dan!!!  We will see who has the last laugh when my master plan brings this franchise back to glory.




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Betting on yourself isn’t always the best decision. ( see Nerlens Noel, and Dez Bryant). Sometimes it is ( Joe Flacco). Ha Ha is skirting a dangerous line in a physical sport with a high injury rate. 


( going fs, s, or db in the 1st or 2nd would be treason. We have other far greater needs).

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