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24/7 Wall Street: Redskins one of most hated companies

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20 hours ago, hail2skins said:

Don't know if this was posted in any existing threads....the selection of the "hated" companies is pretty random and seems based solely on the cheerleading incident and the assault allegations against Foster and Nicholson. But geez, this team can't seem to find love in any corner!


Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the rest of the play?

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7 hours ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said:

I don’t think the article is meant to be an uber serious, in-depth investigative piece.  Just look at it.


That said, are there any other professional sports teams in the big four, that have the amount of vocal fan displeasure as this one does right now?  The reasons they provided certainly play into it at some level.

Yes. Oakland Raiders to name one.


Play into some level? Sports teams have had similar problems. Seems like a 6th grader could provide more logical reasons than the author of this article, instead of using outdated facts and complaining about the name of our team.


The websites reasons is not the same as most of the fan base reasons.

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Snyder also just bought a new 100 million yacht. Hes basically put as little into the team as possible over the years and is profiting off of suing fans, serving expired airline peanuts at games, and obviously the nfl TV deal. 


Sure cant see why the Redskins are hated 🙄

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