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Things that you'd like to see come back in sports

Spaceman Spiff

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I think suits on the sideline are ridiculous. I'd rather they wear their team sponsored gear. It just doesn't make sense to be out there in the cold and rain and mud etc in a suit and business jacket. You're coaching a football team you aren't going to a 1950s advertising firm in NYC. 


Mike Nolan and another coach tried this a few years back. It just doesn't look right. 



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I'd like to see every team carry a full back.  Just this weekend we saw a monster run (can't remember which team) and the FB made a huge block to open up a lane.


I'd like to see the NBA go back to the old days when the players didn't run the league.  Big name players talk to each other and prepare for free agency, and then they pick a big-market team and all agree to take less money to essentially build their own allstar squad.  Blows my mind how more people aren't disgusted by that. 

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ESPN spending a lot of time on hockey.

Athletes who had offseason jobs because they played out of love than easy to be a millionaire (yeah, its not coming back)

Dennis Miller in the broadcast booth (yes, his references were esoteric but he didn't care about sucking up to the players).

Keith Jackson.

Fewer teams with better talent spread around all leagues (there are not 32 high quality QBs in the NFL or even 150+ high quality o-linemen).

Onside kick where the kicking team gets a running start (or just let the kicking team convert a 4th and 15 to get the ball back).

Less performance enhancing drugs (although I think we have peaked on the bigger/faster/stronger scale).

The New England Patriots being a sucky team.

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15 minutes ago, Momma There Goes That Man said:

Mike Nolan and another coach tried this a few years back. It just doesn't look right. 



That suit looks terrible also because it doesn't fit him at all.  




washing Bullets name back.


Mike Tirico and John Gruden back in the booth.


When players stayed on one team their whole career.


When the Redskins didn't suck complete ass.

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1 hour ago, Fergasun said:

Onside kick where the kicking team gets a running start 


They’ve made a bunch of new rules so it’s virtually impossible to get an onsides kick. They need to go back to the old days for onsides kicks. 

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1 hour ago, Kosher Ham said:

Momma to that point, MLB managers look silly wearing a uniform.

You want Popovich wearing shorts and a jersey? 


Football coaches don't wear uniforms. I never asked for that. I said team sponsored/branded gear.


Yes, MLB managers look silly wearing uniforms. They should just wear khakis and a team jacket, fleece, hoodie polo etc like NFL coaches


NBA coaches are a little different being that they are indoors where a suit is more appropriate but i'd still prefer that they just wear team stuff

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I'll echo a few-


More hits in football.  Make the equipment better.


Less analytics in all sports.  Baseball is even more boring now than ever and football is heading that way.  I want a return of coaching on instinct.


Less fantasy sports.  No dork, I don't want to hear how your draft went.


real doubleheaders in baseball


inside play in basketball.


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1.  Hitting in football like the days of old (with better equipment to allow for that again - of course)

2.  Allowing the defensive backs and receivers to go at each other almost the entire play without getting flagged, like the good ole days.

3.  Rotating the Super Bowl to every teams city, regardless of what the weather is like.  

4.  No more designated hitter in MLB.  Suck ass american league pitchers step up to the plate.

5.  Cheaper beer prices at professional sports teams stadiums/arenas/etc.

6.  NFL kickoffs back to the way they used to be or just eliminate all together and let teams start on their 25 yard line.

7.  Old NBA rule-set back.


8.  In the NFL and NBA - rule change concerning the draft and not allowing players to state they will not play if [insert team name here] drafts them and re-enter the draft the next year.  Make it to where once they declare for the draft, any team can draft them and owns their rights, regardless if they sit-out, etc.  When they decide to play, the team that drafted them owns the rights and can sign or trade them.


9.  No more Lottery draft for the NBA, **** is stupid and rigged (when they need it to be).  


10.  If they are going to keep the lottery draft, then televise the actual draft order instead of hiding it from the fans.  Really?  We are supposed to trust that it's not rigged and 100% legit when you lock yourself in a room with X number of people and only they can confirm the draft order.......BS


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