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Favorite YouTube Channels/Personalities, etc

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Just came across the Absolute History channel.  


Building at 13th century castle using 13th century materials and equipment:




Tudor era making ale and bread:



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Oliver Harper. He provides retrospectives on major action films from the 80's and 90's. He covers the making of, behind the scenes, toys, merchandising, video games, and cultural impact. Very good, thoughtful, and thorough.




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My post from last year still rings true.  My kids are now 10 and 8 and have graduated to other obnoxious twits, and I still don't like any of them.


Also, I would call him a Youtube personality, more of a podcast guy, but like many fans of 80's and 90's wrestling, I enjoy a good rant from Jim Cornette.

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YouTube personality gains fame — by getting stung by bugs



Not for nothing is Nathaniel “Coyote” Peterson known as the King of Sting.


Since launching his YouTube channel, “Brave Wilderness,” in 2014, the bearded adventurer in the Indiana Jones leather fedora has screamed, gasped and panted his way to viral fame, after tendering his arm to be stung by a parade of poisonous insects with such fiendish nicknames as the “bloodworm,” the “murder hornet” and the “executioner wasp.”


By some measures, Peterson has become more popular than ever during the pandemic lockdown, with nearly 2 million additional subscribers flocking to his channel for a reliable dopamine fix since March.


With 17.5 million subscribers, “Brave Wilderness” ranks 234 in a field of more than 31 million YouTube channels. Social Blade estimates Peterson earns as much as $294,000 a month from online ads, confirmation that what he calls his “extreme content” hits a nerve in more ways than one.


I watched the video where he (intentionally) gets stung by a Tarantula Hawk Wasp, which is the size of a small bird.  The link is below, I won't imbed it because it's pretty intense.  If you'd rather a summary, for about 5 minutes, he describes the insect and how it fights tarantulas (while one angrily zips around a glass container next to him), then he pulls it out and jams it onto his arm with a pair of tweezers tongs, which is an act of madness, then he writhes around on the ground for 5 minutes, then he describes the pain in great, great detail, then he explains (almost gleefully) that he still hasn't been stung by a bullet ant which is supposedly worse than the gigantic wasp but that he is definitely going to do that soon.  




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