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2022 Washington Nationals Thread: The New Class


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57 minutes ago, skinfan2k said:

who said on here that he would get 200 + lol.  I told you no one values Rendon as much as we do.  7/150 is more than enough for him. 



I don't think anyone said he would get 200+


I know I said MLB GMs would fall all over themselves to get him.  

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21 hours ago, StillUnknown said:


Thats how it usually works in deals that big. All agents try to set their guys up to reenter the market if its advantageous 


Kinda hoping Stras balls out and decides to use his opt out. I would feel better if his money went to a more reliable starter.


Was talking about this with a couple of my dudes at work yesterday.  It was a sports psychology discussion.


I told him how I just knew after Kuzy started playing for the Caps that a cup was going to happen at some point.  Kuzy has a killer instinct.  Not sure Ovi had it until last year, but Kuzy has always had it.  He loves that ****.


Not sure the Nats have THAT dude outside of Max, who has limited influence on a game that he isn't starting in.  But the guy everyone brought up was Stras and his propensity to be soft.


Soto has a chance to be that guy.  And even having that guy doesn't guarantee a championship, but it certainly helps.

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I just don't see Harper leaving DC to go to Philly of all places unless their offer is just absurd. Its probably a lateral move in terms of roster/win probabilities and its too close by. It'd be like making a big deal finally moving out of your parents house only to move into a house across the street.

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2 hours ago, StillUnknown said:

I dont think i would go as far as to label Steas soft, i just think the allocation of funds could be better


I’m not surprised to see that comment but it is really annoying.


Last time Nats appeared in the postseason, Strasburg went 7IP, 0 ER, 10k in game 1, 7IP, 0ER, 12k in game 4. Tough to pitch 14 innings against the Cubs in the playoffs and give up 0 earned runs if you are mentally soft. 

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5 minutes ago, skinfan2k said:

its a last ditch effort by Boras to push Nats offer up against themselves.  They are bidding against no one.  Lerner isn't a idiot.  He put the highest offer out there already. 


That's what it feels like to me too.  Bryce isn't stupid either.  Becoming a hyper expensive mercenary in that town, coming off the very shaky season he just had... that's a recipe for disaster.


We were always the best fit for Bryce.  Everyone is happy if he stays.  The market that he and Boras hoped for didn't materialize.  He needs to go ahead and sign a deal with us so everyone can move on.

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