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2021 Washington Nationals Thread: Time for Another One!

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You need all facets of the team to pick each other up every once in a while because they will all have off games and series.  While things may change, this bullpen's ceiling has been not costing us games.  If we're gonna try to contend, we need a pen capable of picking up the load and winning us some games from time to time.

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-Glad we didn't get swept. Buccos are leading (or nearly leading) the NL in most major pitching categories so the low scores also don't bother me.

-What does bother me is the team's inability to turn hits into runs...again. If all you can muster is 3 runs on 11 hits, you've almost certainly got a hitting with RISP problem. 

-And yes - another wasted Sherzer Day. He didn't have a gem of an outing but he did go 8 innings and only gave up 3 runs. With the aforementioned offensive production, that should have been more than enough to take the series. 


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