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2021 Washington Nationals Thread: Time for a Rebuild!

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Just now, StillUnknown said:

we should be completing the sweep, now we're staring down the barrel of losing the series


Martinez. Martinez. Martinez. He had very little to do with today's game, last night pissed me off so much I am blaming him for today too.

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I have no love lost for Davey and tremendous respect for Rizzo, but just about about the worst thing you could do to an inexperienced manager is to saddle him with a dumpster fire bullpen.  Rizzo bears more blame for the current predicament and the fact that the crap bullpen is torpedoing everything else the team is doing to try to get things going. 

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18 minutes ago, StillUnknown said:

Adam Eaton is a dumbass


I don't entirely disagree with Eaton. I do think Minor Leaguers should get paid more--but he's basing this off his experience (I didn't read the article). He was a 19th round pick that made a pretty good MLB career. If he says the low pay and spartan conditions drove him, who are we to argue? There are always unintended consequences.


I also get annoyed at the whole victimhood of minor leaguers. No one is forcing them to play baseball. They are there by choice. They know what they're signing up for. Can teams do more? Definitely. But let's dial back the rhetoric, shall we?

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What he said isn't crazy. Here is the 2nd half of the statement: "I know it sounds crazy … I think there’s a middle ground … There’s ground to be made up, but I think it still should be rough"

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