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2020 Washington Nationals Thread ***WORLD SERIES CHAMPION***

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1 hour ago, DoneMessedUp said:

Stroman service timed the LolMets. Played just long enough to become a free agent this offseason





The Marcus Stroman timeline.

Stroman to the media after being traded: I love the Mets! Always been a Mets fan!

Mets fans: *Simultaneous collective orgasm*

Stroman's actual reaction on being traded to the Mets: Aww ****. Get me the **** out of this mess.

Bolts 1st chance he gets.



Epilogue: Signs $100m deal with Phillies. Has career 5.38 ERA in Philly.

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Hopefully that's Trea's coming out moment


Classic Ramos...


Goes for the scoop instead of blocking. Runner gets on.


Next pitch bomb. We kill Matz.

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Double digit run games also causes hangovers...


Tomorrow could be a struggle 


But damn did they need this. Just to know that they can perform like this.

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12 run lead...


Sean is honestly one of the worst pitchers in the league right now. His only strikes and outs are coming from deep hits that either end up in foul territory or land at the warning track.

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