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2020 Washington Nationals Thread ***WORLD SERIES CHAMPION***

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Good news/bad news on the Nats game in Tampa against the Yankees. 


Good news:  Joe Ross started, pitched 2 innings and retired all six Yankees he faced (all major leaguers).  He threw first pitch strikes to 5 of the 6 batters. His fastball was in the 93-94 mph range.


Bad news: Things fell apart after Ross left with a 2-0 lead.  Carter Keiboom was charged with another error, airmailing a throw over first after charging a chopper to third. And, per Mark Zuckerman, Victor Robles was wincing and favoring his left side after a throw of his sailed over third base. Mercifully, rain halted the game in the 5th with the Yankees leading 8-2.


But good news on Joe Ross.

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Dad is a Yankees fan and jus text me he didnt know he was smashing the champs. In February. Baseball is only sport we dont follow same team and I'm slowly starting to realize all his life lessons on sportsmanship was a lie : )

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5 hours ago, Bacon said:

I think Ross is going to surprise people this year. 


Hope that Robles is alright. :(


I don't think Fedde has a shot at the rotation. It'll be Voth or Ross.


And we need that Big Vic Energy. He';s 22. He'll rebound.

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Kieboom with another E. Ball was well hit, but right at him. Over his glove and through his legs. 


Soto robbed of a 2 run HR by the wind blowing in from left. Zim robbed too I thought back in the first inning.

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6 minutes ago, StillUnknown said:

i really really hope i'm wrong about that guy

I’m getting the same feeling. Might be best for him to spend at least another year in the minors. Call him up in Sept to give him another taste without the pressure. Don’t see him making the team at this rate. Which means we’ve got a hole in the infield. 

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