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2020 Washington Nationals Thread ***WORLD SERIES CHAMPION***

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my superstitions kept me from posting during the game, but Strasburg is a different animal now


i am a grown ass man, and I am downright giddy at the moment. no other word really fits


7 runs with 2-outs, this team is turning every damn narrative on its head

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3 minutes ago, CRobi21 said:

There's the beauty.


That slider that looks like a strike, then dives to the depths of hell!


if he harnesses that arm at just the right time, it gives up 3 reliable options.


I believe in Rainey dammit, he's been big this postseason

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How sick do you guys think Cardinals fans are of hearing the announcers talk about the greatness of the Nats pitching?  There is nothing else for them to talk about so they just keep hitting the same topic.  Hahaha sucks for them.  

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