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Skins-Cowboys prediction thread

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I don't think this game will be as high scoring as some here seem to believe, by the 28-21 and 24-20 type predictions.

There is 4 inches of snow on the ground here in MD with a prediction of more snow and sleet to come this afternoon.

My feeling is if Dallas had a franchise running back they would probably have a good day today.

They don't.

This game is going to be defined by mistakes and in the past couple of weeks Carter has made a lot more mistakes than Tim Hasselbeck, amazing as that sounds.

Redskins 17 Cowboys 10.

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Originally posted by Trevor

The Cowboys look to be playing more to their talent level now(which is much lower than ours). But they have superior coaching, which evens it out. The tiebreaker goes to the Skins since they are at home.

Skins 16

Boys 9

Agreed...the Cowboys finally are playing a hard schedule, just lke the 'Skins have been all year. The Cowboys wont win another game the rest of the year!

Skins - 17

Boys - 14

You know we can't play a blow-out!

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There are some good predictions on here.I would have never thought the game would have turned out like it did.If Ramsey had played I think the out come would have been a lot closer.

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