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Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins


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I actually like seeing johnson escaping the pocket but still looking to throw instead of just giving up on the play and running.  His accuracy is clearly off right now, but I think the mentality is right.  Use your legs to extend the play, not make one... unless there's no other choice. 

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Considering the Skins O-line is in such bad shape, I suspect a Skins victory today is a real long-shot.  That said, I really am hoping Washington can pull off an upset and spoil Philly's chances. 


... I want it even more so, after seeing a number of ES'ers posting how they're hoping Washington gets trounced.  Those pulling for a Philly win, probably will get their wish --- but I'm really hoping the Skins surprise them today.

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Just now, Springfield said:

Well this game has become boring.  More time surfing my phone than watching this snoozer.


I'm part watching the game, and part spending time with my family.


The family side is winning out. :)

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