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Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins


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2 minutes ago, SoulSkin said:

Little birdie told me that regardless of his performance today, Bruce is fully committed to bringing back John Johnson to compete with Colt next year.

And bringing back the gold pants obviously 

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3 minutes ago, Gibbs828791 said:

Too anybody that took the time to go there after what Danny boy is pulling you deserve what you get and your part of the problem.

Lol, eeeaaassssyyyy.  I'm not at the GAME.  I mean why I'm even still HERE. 


And you are, too.  Why any of us are still here is beyond me. 

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2 minutes ago, joeken24 said:

I suppose its the last game, so I'll watch and talk some garbage. This Knob Creek is the ****!!!

At a higher level, I'm also watching the Viking vs Bears.

I don't even care enough to take shots.

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