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Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins


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Those 7 wins were a sham.


We got lucky, won’t a coin toss, scored first and then held on for dear life.  Those 7 wins were the absolute worst way to win football games.  Coaching football like a scared little POS who can’t coach for ****.


We never won a game this season where we didn’t have a lead to begin with.



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Just now, SkinsGuy said:

Bears back up by 10.


I am kind of warming to the idea of kirk's vikings finishing out of the playoffs, and the eagles and cowboys getting CRUSHED in them. :)

Seahawks would visit the cowboys.  


Eagles would visit the Bears. 


It seems likely bith the Seahawks and Bears would win. 

1 minute ago, Fat Stupid Loser said:

Why is nobody chanting Fire Bruce Now?

It’s pointless.

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