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Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins


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Just now, clskinsfan said:

Looking at that picture above the stadium is ALOT more full than it was for the Falcons game. So Dan made his money today. Unfortunately it looks like 35000 of them are eagles fans.


What it tells me is the Dan is more interested in selling tickets to anyone than keeping to many outside fans away.  They fired the guy who tried to make changes.

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3 minutes ago, bonesbr549 said:

remembering the days of old my personal experiences at RFK, it hurts so bad that it feels like the eagles are the home team, with the crowd noise.  That's the saddest of all.  

The Redskins we know don't exist anymore. 20 years of embarrassment has almost erased that

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3 minutes ago, Idaho fan said:

This is why indifference is on the rise. What “fan” wants to root against his team “over and over again”??! I don’t. I just care less and less.  

I get what you are saying but that isn't working. People complain about the team on all social media and don't show up to games. What does that get the fan base? Dan Snyder unaware that the fans aren't happy. So the next step in the progression is to add another level of embarrassment. Fans not showing up AND the team gets blown out. I am just at the end of my rope with this dumpster fire.

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