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Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

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On 12/28/2018 at 7:52 AM, bowhunter said:

It at least appears that he has learned his lesson, Sadly a bit too late for those of us who liked the talent and emotion (on the field.)   " " understand it wasn't my role to call out the defensive coaches even though we had a relationship "

My husband isn't a fan, but he knows how deep he's in...he cracked up when I told him about this! 

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First, Thank you for your service.  I have deep respect and appreciation for all those serving our country!

14 hours ago, joeken24 said:

But sports is not that type of team. Its nowhere near it. Sports is nowhere near business either.

I disagree, somewhat.  Yes, military teams have life/death on line and sports teams do not, but the concepts of trust/teamwork/relying on the individual members to successfully complete their task for team success to happen are the same.

Mission success depends on vision, intelligence, planning, preparation, then execution (this is my basic civilian take on it - not pretending to be an expert).  This is the same in military/business/sports.


15 hours ago, joeken24 said:

But its no secret about the Redskins issues. Particularly what DJ was talking about.

But DJ is the one that took this stuff public.  It is one thing for opposing coaches to use tape to is another for a player to publicly give them anything extra to use against the team.  I will grant you, it may have very little impact....but at the same time, if it gave them even 1 small idea to modify/adapt to use against the team, it is unacceptable.


I doubt what fans talk about in team forums is read by opposing coaches and used to plan/prep their team ;)


15 hours ago, joeken24 said:

Do you think the Redskins practice like the Patriots? Do you think the Redskins play calling is that of the Rams, N.O. or KC (just to name a few)?

I think the elite teams do things in ways others don't.  But I also think there are many different styles of coaching that can be successful.  If only 1 style ever worked, every coach on every team would do it the same way....copycat league, right?


15 hours ago, joeken24 said:

Do you think anything that DJ said was not true? If you do, there is no amount of discussion that will help you understand because that's all we're talking about. 

To me, it doesn't matter if anything he said was true.  For the record, I have no reason to think what he thought/said wasn't true, and may very well have had a lot of truth to it.

I do not disagree that the product on the field since Dunbar went down has not been good.  Why the changes away from what was working, as @Burgold pointed out so well above, I don't understand, either.

Going public, 3/4/5 times - even after being told to keep it in-house - is completely unacceptable and totally disrespectful and undermining of his team and teammates.


If you only want to talk about what DJ said in the media, then I will leave off with the discussion ('cuz I don't necessarily disagree by what I am seeing on the field).

I can't ignore/separate out the fact that he went public 3/4/5 times and feel that is also part of the discussion.

Happy New Year!


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