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Let's brag about our kids thread

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3 hours ago, brandymac27 said:

One day he'll  be playing for the Redskins.

Oh, I'm sorry :-(


But anyway, brag about my kids huh? Boy this is tough... I'm just not sure who to brag on the most. My eldest is 13 now. All I ever see him do is eat, fart, and play something called Fortnight. I don't even want to tell you about the stuff I don't see him do. Lets just say that if he was a Sioux Indian, his name would be Wadded Tissues. 


Then there's my 56 lb 8 year-old  ... the blue baby who can't ****ing catch. The other day he thought it'd be funny to strut around the house nude with his wiener tucked between his legs pretending to be a girl. Boy I was a proud papa that day, let me tell you.


Unfortunately, they also inherited their low IQs from their cheating slut of a mom. I had no idea that she was as utterly stupid as she turned out to be when I married her and knocked her up twice. And so I drink. It is the only way to cope with the pain and embarrassment of having to live my life for another day.

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My youngest grandkid has been expelled from kindergarten and first grade.

I'd post a mugshot but he is considering a run for the border.


 I tried to warn them not to teach him chaos theory equations .

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Ooohh! My kids, favorite topic!

Some of ya’ll know my 17 year old plays soccer...a lot. He’s playing in the US Youth Soccer National League this year! Got his first minutes at the National League level this past weekend. He would have gotten his first start but North Carolina had to order 12 inches of snow!!!

He’s a great kid, and couldn’t be more proud.






So the day after his high school team gets knocked out of the playoffs, he’d up at 5:15am and in the pool with the swimteam to get his endurance up...110% his choice



Here he is getting his first red card of his career in that game. Down 3-0 at that point and the kid with the legs ran up in his face after a goal. He didn’t deck him but the shove helped him find his seat.











First time he wasn’t able to walk off the field. Took a hard kick to the outside of the knee, triggered serious nerve pain. Thought it was a serious injury...thankfully he was back out the next week.



All in a day’s work...





And I have a daughter! 13 years old, sharp as a tack, Does a little bit of everything. Plays some soccer, cheered for a couple years. She’s my buddy!



With her best frand!



My BBQ Princess!!



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The two older ones are whip smart in school and on the soccer field. They're not typical girly girls. They like science, and don't do the princess thing. The baby is full of piss and vinegar. Last night I told her she couldn't have dessert until she finished the food on her tray. So she looked straight at me, grabbed a handful of food from her tray and dropped it on the ground—never breaking eye contact.

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3 minutes ago, brandymac27 said:

Adorable kids everybody!

This.    Only other time I ever ran out of likes was in a Gameday Thread a few years ago. 

My little dude is 14 weeks.  He poops a lot and unfortunately has his father's head, but he's pretty chill. 

Oh, and I did not approve of the man-bun.  My wife thought it would be funny to troll me as my worst nightmare is that my son will be a hipster. 



14 weeks.jpg

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26 minutes ago, Chew said:


Oh, and I did not approve of the man-bun.  My wife thought it would be funny to troll me as my worst nightmare is that my son will be a hipster. 



I saw a tweet the other day to this effect.  Think of how a wolf feels when it sees a Chihuahua.  That's how your grandpa feels when he sees your man bun.  :ols:


Adorable kiddo, man bun notwithstanding.

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My 4 year old plays after preschool with the boys in his class.  They often get excited and start pushing each other.  Yesterday, I watched a little boy push my 4 year old then watched my 4 year old push him back.  The other boy fell down and started crying and ran to his dad.  Proud father moment.



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17 hours ago, brandymac27 said:

Chew, he is absolutely adorable!


I admit, it's a little late for me to ponder about how "I simply MUST have one of those!"...but damn, Lil Chew gives me that misty feeling...


And you did some good work yourself, Brandy. Remembering your struggles, and knowing what you went through,...you have all my admiration and  respect. You deserve to be proud and brag!


@AsburySkinsFanthanks for those pics, I'm having a better morning already...is a "hubba hubba" inappropriate? 💥


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