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Game Day Thread- Eli’s Stoopid Face at Redskins


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Geez! It's like these guys haven't play fball before with these drops. You've gotta help Sanchez out here. Dude is putting the ball where it needs to be. It shouldn't take Tom Brady and an equipment manager to show you how to have a better handle on the ball in cold weather.....but I digress.

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1 minute ago, Thinking Skins said:

I disagree.I think he has good technique and if he improved his recognition, he could be a really good player for is


We will see I guess. he got torched last week in coverage. And has done nothing on teams at all. Maybe too early to write him off I guess.

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I know we have a badly injured O-line, but I really wish AP could get a chance to hit the holes with a full head of steam sometimes like many other RBs do.


He has to jump cut/change direction on almost every handoff cuz there's a guy in his face

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