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Game Day Thread- Eli’s Stoopid Face at Redskins


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Just now, Nerm said:

One positive from this game, It looks like the Skins might totally shut down Eli and Barkley in the 4th qtr.  Gotta feel good about that.  0 yards for them.  Doughnut BABY!

So basically for us to shut down a teams stars all we need to do is not show up for the first 3 quarters.  Someone let Jay know this... Oh wait I think he already does haha.

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12 minutes ago, Yng Lady88 said:

checking in only to say congrats to Josh Johnson for brining some life to this game and offense and avoiding the shut-out. hasn't bee in the NFL for 5 yrs and scores and TD and 2pt conversion.


Agreed!  More proof Jay and staff should be canned ASAP.  Picking Sanchez over Josh Johnson more proof!

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3 minutes ago, TheYappingDog said:


Poor guy


in all seriousness, I'm a brit living in London and was thinking of a 10 day holiday in the U.S. to see some redskins, but wanted to see how they'd pan out this season - i refuse to  spend my hard-earned to fly halfway across the world to see this garbage

Couldn't you just stay home and stick pins in your eyes?

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Just now, tomwvr said:

 Not trying an onside kick both scores says so much about jay

Yep. We all know the game's over, but Gruden doesn't have it in him to fight the good fight.


Never say die? Why? It's so easy to throw in the towel.

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1 minute ago, Veretax said:

Was Jordan Reed hurt early in this game I was having issues with cable early?


His agent called. He had to leave the stadium early to begin filming "Unbreakable 2". He's got Samuel L. Jackson's role this time.

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