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      ES Coverage: Giants vs Redskins 
      Giants 40 - Redskins 16
      Greetings friends, JimmiJo here, and I am joined by my shivering partner, Spaceman Spiff. Together we will bring you this all important NFC East divisional matchup between the Washington Redskins and New York Giants.
      When I was last with you the Redskins had command of the division and there was optimism to spare. Since, devastating injuries to quarterbacks, linemen, and cornerbacks has left this team losers in 4-of-5 contests.
      But there is still everything to play for, and if they can manage a victory today and the Eagles to the same Washington will once again have a share of the lead.
      I can dream can't I?
      On paper, the future looks grim. A continued collapse will start the questions about the future of personnel and perhaps leadership. Yes, we can certainly point to injuries as the primary reason the team is struggling. But the record earlier in the year was masking some issues with the squad. No real arial threat. An inconsistent running game. And a defense that has been anything but consistent.
      But these are questions for another time. Today, it is just two teams looking for a win.
      See you at the half.
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      The Redskins declared the following players as inactive:
      o   No. 12 QB Colt McCoy
      o   No. 32 RB Samaje Perine
      o   No. 46 RB Kapri Bibbs
      o   No. 52 LB Ryan Anderson
      o   No. 63 C Demetrius Rhaney
      o   No. 66 G Tony Bergstrom
      o   No. 99 DL Caleb Brantley
      I was happy to see players like Josh Johnson and Byron Marshall in the game. The marquee guys did not earn the right to play following the disastrous first half. It was historically bad.
      Never before had the Washington Redskins trailed by as much as the 34-0 deficit they entertained today at the half.
      I remarked to one of the writers that in 13-seasons I had never seen this team so outplayed as today. The offense led by Mark Sanchez was throw-up in mouth bad. At no point did you feel like they would or could score.
      I tweeted before the game that it is time for Daniel Snyder to replaced head coach Jay Gruden. Yes injuries are the headline. But the offense was poor before the injuries.
      No aerial threat and an inconsistent rushing. They only seemed to score 20-points per game.
      What they did do well was hold on to the ball. And the defense was a takeover machine the first half of the year.
      But turnovers tend to even out.
      So I was more than glad to see those ‘backups’ play. All they did was show they should have been playing in the first half.
      Especially Johnson. Take a look at your Redskins’ starter the rest of the way. From his first snap the offense looked different. There was energy. There was life.
      And there was threat.
      Johnson played with more command, accuracy and imagination than Mark Sanchez. He looked much more the accomplished quarterback.
      A word on Josh Doctson. You are an idiot. Without the stupid penalty you are not letting the safety out-position you to make the pick with 5-minutes left.
      Following this game, staring at the standings and considering possible scenarios for getting in the playoffs is fools’ gold. It is all about assessing who it worth keeping for next year.
      I don’t believe head coach Jay Gruden is going to make the list. Nor should he. He has had nore than enough time to do something here. He had Kirk Cousins’ starting over 3-full seasons.
      He had his chance.
      I tweeted before the game team owner Daniel Snyder should let Gruden go and bring in Mike McCarthy. Washington Post writer (and friend) Rick Snider made a great counterpoint to that idea:
      “Why would McCarthy want to come here? He has better options,” he said.
      That sure feels like the truth. And if so, it may explain why Gruden is fast becoming one of the most tenured coaches in the league.
      This was my last game for this season. I would like to thank Extremeskins and the team for the opportunity this year. I will see you guys next year.
      Let me go on the record now and say I do not think Jay Gruden's position here is secure. Not with the likes of Mike McCarthy available.
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Redskins vs Giants Prediction Thread: The "Take Me Behind The Woodshed" Episode

Who wins the game?  

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  1. 1. Who will win this battle for futility?

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When: December 9th  1:00 p.m. noon central

Where: FedEx Field  a.k.a. the Opponent's Practice Field


Honestly, I am lost for words, so to speak, but this Sunday the Redskins welcome the New York Giants to FedEx Field in a divisional battle for last place.


Earlier, the Giants needed overtime, but defeated a strong Bears defense 30-27.

Both the Giants and Bears traded interceptions, FGs, and TDs, but it came down to a FG in overtime to give the Giants their 4th win of the season. Even though the Giants are likely out of the playoff picture they are still playing for pride,

The Giants star RB Saquan Barkley is having a good season, even if the team isn't. A fast and powerful runner, he will make defenders feel it when they tackle him.

A trick play, a Beckham pass to their other WR Shepard was good for 48 yds and a touchdown, totally catching the Bears napping. The Bears put up a good battle but really blew a good opportunity by losing this game.


Now, what everyone witnessed Monday night was a complete head-scratcher.

With 11 days to prepare, game plan, rest and recover, the Redskins went to Lincoln Financial Stadium and were man-handled by the Eagles., in a game the Redskins lost 28-13.


Colt McCoy, gotta feel for him, he tries, but he just can't stay in the line-up, but this time suffering a fracture to his leg. His replacement Mark Sanchez came in for relief, and immediately Adrian Peterson took the ball on a 90 yard touchdown run, and all of a sudden things were looking bright. That brightness was a locomotive called the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles marched down the field in chunks of yards and immediately re-took the lead at 14-10 and never looked back.

The Redskins defense appeared to be trying for bonus money. If I were told that someone said they would pay any Redskin defensive player who got a turnover would receive a million dollar bonus, I would have believed it, because they didn't seem interested in tackling the ball carrier, only trying to strip the ball away { which didn't work ].


The Redskins kicked another FG to get it to 14-13 Eagles, but then the wheels, axle, trunk, and apparently a few yds of roadway came off, as the offense couldn't get anything going. When running in a 2 minute offense things appeared to get better and they moved the ball, but then Gruden decided enough was enough and went back to non-winning football. Eventually the Eagles would tack on another touchdown and a couple FGs to make it a final score of 28-13.


What really sticks out the most to me is, the lack of hustle, preparation, emotion, and game planning that Gruden and the team had shown, especially having 11 days to prepare for this game. Some say the McCoy injury was what derailed the team, but I can't buy that because the defense never really stepped onto the field, and have not done so in the last few games.


So, what do we expect to see in this game?

I am going to take a leap on this, but I have a feeling Josh Norman will be ejected from the game due to fighting with O'dell Beckham. The way things have been going for this team pretty much points to something like this happening. Frustration. Players getting mad at opponents and each other, and I think this will be seen on tv, and whats left of the image of the Washington Redskins will be further degrading.

The game has to be played, no doubt; what will the stands look like? Will they be filled with blue jerseys or just a lot of empty seats? This game has the makings of what happened against KC a few years back, where the camera panned around to show mostly empty seats.


I do think the actual game itself may be entertaining, with Mark Sanchize, butt-fumble, butt-fumble eraser, whatever he's called this week, may play better; but then again, this is FedEx field, so anything is liable to happen, I just don't want to see anymore broken legs, I'm beginning to feel like I'm in a grocery store looking at chicken quarters.

The big question is, will Dan Snyder clean house after the season is over? Many believe the time has come, and I could not agree more.


OK, the game itself; look for the Giants to test Sanchez quickly and often. I think he has a better game this week, and he did throw a few very nice passes, and he just may play a decent game, but with the defense struggling, look for Eli to take advantage of a secondary more focused on stripping than tackling.

I think by the time the 4th qtr starts, you may be able to hear crickets passing gas. In other words, the game may be over by halftime.

Final score:

Redskins 17

Giants 38


First correct score prediction wins a new Redskins beanie and a few other goodies { maybe even a Kleenex or 2 to sob the tears }


Good luck, and as always,   G  O    R  E  D  S  K  I  N  S  !!!

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I’ll just say this, if you bet the games, I’d tread lightly taking the Giants. Looks to be an overwhelming public push on them... and generally speaking that’s not the side you want to be on. 

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newest-ever newest kirk will throw for 136 yds, 67 of them downfield


AP and Tress Way will play fine and form a pact to eat together from now on and shun the others


jay will go back to eating for stress, poor sob


norman will make a great play because he enjoyed his "FU" fans high from last game's int and wants another hit


eli will suddenly bear an uncanny resemblance to the worthwhile brother


spruce alghin will continue his secret back-channel communications with ginnie vibrato


oh--the game/score---giants 44 redskins 9---and dan finally breaks down and asks scotty mc to take him to his first AA meeting


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I was thinking before the Eagles game that watch us win and then lose against the Giants. Now it's back to nothing new so it must be a win now instead. We're on a 3 game down slide so I hope the team is a bit hungry this time. That, and finally no night game. Those are the only positives I can come up with.


Redskins - 24

Giants - 17

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Yeah with the two-time butt fumble extraordinaire behind center, we play like ass, absolute futility rears it's head and puts us up ****s creek without a paddle.


All that's left is to turn the other cheek as we get reared. Gnats gonna get that booty. 


Giants 27

IR's 6

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17-13 Redskins, multiple turnovers for everyone, but Giants will cost them more, like in the redzone.  Win the turnover battle, win the game.

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Forget the fact that there is no way we can confidently predict the offense to score more than 13 points in any remaining game, how is the new version of the defense going to stop the Giants offense that has suddenly got on track?


Giants 28

'Skins 13

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2 hours ago, NoCalMike said:

 how is the new version of the defense going to stop the Giants offense that has suddenly got on track?


Very simple..two words..Eli Manning

7 hours ago, kleese said:

I’ll just say this, if you bet the games, I’d tread lightly taking the Giants. Looks to be an overwhelming public push on them... and generally speaking that’s not the side you want to be on. 

Some dude last week bet 300,000 on Atlanta to beat Baltimore..dosent make sense

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I’m usually pretty optimistic around here.  However, who is going to block for whoever is in a QB??  They simply have no interior linemen left.


Giants - 24 

a bunch of injured guys - 0


thats right we will be shut out at home.  

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Mark Sanchez breaks his leg at the beginning of the 3rd quarter from some freak accident involving someone else's butt. Josh Johnson then runs 91 yards two plays later on a read option, and finishes the game with 97 yards on 14 carries.

After dropping the first two passes Eli throws to him, Josh Norman finally catches the third attempt and runs it back 32 yards. Peterson then runs the ball twice for -1 yards and a QB sack takes the Skins out of field goal range. Matt Ionnaidas finishes the game at right guard.

Giants 24-13.

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