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Game Night Thread- Skins at Carson Wince & the Philthy Beagles


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8 minutes ago, Nerm said:


Witten has focused his charity efforts on domestic violence issues since before Hardy ever even played in the NFL.  He frequently goes into detail about the severity of abuse that he and his mother suffered.  He was not high diving anyone about Hardy being a teammate.



Sorry. "Because he was a teammate I gave him a pass on domestic violence" doesnt cut it.


Witten either stands by his morals and refuses to play with Hardy or he shuts his mouth about other teams signing players with issues. 


He doesnt get to do both.


I have no problem with ESPN bringing up the Foster stuff. Its fair game. Witten either has integrity or he doesnt. He said he "embraced" Hardy as a teammate and then publically sucked his dick about what a great professional Hardy was.




Hardy had "learned his lesson" but Reuben Foster doesnt get chance to learn his lesson (despite the details being totally unclear and coming from someone who already made allegations then retracted them and said she did it all for money).


I dont know if Foster is guilty as hell or not but im fairly sure that there is a principle of being innocent until proven guilty. Im also fairly sure that a guy who didnt care enough about his principles to do anything except "embrace" Greg Hardy should not be mouthing off as if Foster should be put on death row in some soapbox preaching on national tv.

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3 minutes ago, CousinsCowgirl84 said:

Maybe three years from now folks.  I think if anyone says all hope is not lost after watching this game doesn’t understand football.



we are stuck with no qb, a mediocre coach, and a bad GM for at least another year, then it will be another year of rebuilding, then after that who knows. 





what do you think of Snyder?  Cause if you don't think much of him, then how you expect any of the changes you seem to want to have a positive outcome?

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6 minutes ago, carex said:


I don't want the high ground, I want people I hate to suffer


This is a larger philosophical debate with broader societal implications and unfortunately doesn't belong in the Stadium. Suffice to say as a person who struggles with the battle between my cynicism and my empathy as I get older, I sympathize even if I don't agree. 

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Just now, carex said:


okay, so the problem is the roster.  jay doesn't build the roster


This is Jay's fifth season. He has a body of work behind him, and the people who DO apparently build the roster have an even bigger body of work. And those bodies are soft, flaccid and weak.


Yes, we've been utterly destroyed by injuries, again, and yes, we have to be clear-headed enough to realize that we could not expect to win a game like this with Sanchez and yet another makeshift line, etc., etc. But there are so many other issues with this team that demand it be utterly burned to the ground. It's not like we were riding some magical wave before the injuries hit. It's not like this coaching staff has any real history in its five years of control, other than a couple outliers here and there - of winning really huge games or getting on a long winning streak or playing with any sort of consistency or making anyone think, "Wow, these guys are really on the upswing." 


The coaches are not very smart, the FO is a joke, the fans are beyond apathetic ...


Change is now officially overdue. 

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4 minutes ago, carex said:


okay, so the problem is the roster.  jay doesn't build the roster

The problem with Jay is he never maximizes the talent he has.


Which doesn’t apply to tonight. He had nothing on offense tonight to really work with.  Do I think a better coach could have done better? Yeah.  But it’s also hard to blame him for it. 


Whatever.  We’ll never agree on this.  I think Gruden is a bad coach, you think he’s not and it’s the roster or organization.



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1 minute ago, CousinsCowgirl84 said:


I think the Snyder angle is a little over played. Though he does hire the gm...

The one constant over the past 20 years has been Snyder. I try to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, but nothing he has done has worked. 

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