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Who should be the next head coach for the Skins

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HC - Mike Tomlin

  • Leader and winner (Superbowl champ)
  • should bring a change in culture and attitude 
  • close ties to the area played at William & Mary, and sons playing for the Terps


Possible Coordinators

OC - Jeremy Bates

Jets offense statistically are in the same place as the Skins but with a Rookie at QB and nothing else. People are saying Bowles maybe one of the reasons why that offense is struggling

DC - John Pagano

Coached an aggressive Defense in San Diego. Defense improved after taking over for Ken Norton in Oakland.  Currently on Romeo Crennel's staff in Houston


Note that Tomlin and Bates were also assistants in Tampa under Gruden (Jon). I know people will not like that considering the teams past with that connection.  Also Bates was an assistant under Mike Shanahan also.

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9 hours ago, goskins10 said:


There is a  huge difference between trending and turned the corner. As a Redskins fan you of all people should be able to see the difference. Call me when they win something of significance. Until then they have not turned any corners, they are just a few more games than they used to. 

 Hey, I always liked Patrick Ramsey, so yea, my vision is a bit askewed. The Browns aren't there yet, but they do appear to be making a conscience effort to be going in the right direction.



I cannot disagree with this more. Most hiring in the NFL is done based on previous relationships. Some of you act like a guy gets a HC job and then hires an entire staff of people they never knew before. Many assistants are hired because they have a previous working relationship with the HC. I want whoever coming in to pick who they think is best - no qualifiers, no forced people on the HC, period. Also, many coaches have family in some lower positions. Would you have had a problem with Wes and Wade Phillips being here? If no, then you made my point. NO QUALIFIERS! Let them pick who they want. 

The issue with this is pretty much everyone that is any good is already taken.  Take the Joe Barry hire; that was a head-scratcher, probably Allen's choice. I do not want anyone forced onto this team either,  the HC should be the one picking his assistants, so if things don't go well its on the HC.  Now there are many coaches who have family in the coaching business, but the HC's choice should be the best qualified; remember Schottenheimer? He basically hired his entire family tree for jobs in the organization.

If it came down to hiring an assistant who wanted a lot of money compared to a relative who may be slightly less qualified, I can see that, but overall you want the best qualified people in your staff.



I will assume all the snark was meant to be funny? It just comes off as snark - but I will assume there was no ill intent. just letting you know how it reads. For example, of course I know whop the Cleveland Indians are. I mean come on. And yes, I have taken the time to go through the teams S&C staff. The difference is you have a problem with it and i do not. Until Bruce signs people without injury histories and Dan fixes the club house, there are way too many variables to blame the staff. 

 Maybe a little snarky, but nothing ill-willed regarding intentions; its Christmas for pete's sake! Yes, the facilities are archaic, but there's no denying the differences in trainers and nutrition in baseball compared to football. Baseball players are for the most part desired to be leaner, more flexible, agile. In football you want muscle, bulk, and size. The WRs, scat-backs, DBs and to a degree QB, you prefer them to be more agile but still carrying enough muscle/bulk to do the jobs; until December arrives, those players sweat off a lot of water weight and have weight fluxuations,  far more than in baseball.

But look at the qualifications of some; yes, people have to start somewhere, but it goes back to the earlier topic of hiring friends who may not have the qualifications. All of the injuries cannot be totally attributed to training facilities, some of it falls on the trainers/nutrition staff.


If they fix both those things and still have an injury problem, then Ok let's look at the staff. 

Next season doesn't look promising so we'll see how the injury thing goes.

BTW: Injuries are actually way up across the NFL. I subscribe to Man Games Lost. It's a web site that tracks and plots missed starter days due to injury and impact of those injuries. And the total number of injuries has steadily increased since the last CBA. I think the 3rd variable not talked about much is the CBA and all the new practice rules. Yea, some teams seem to avoid it. But not all of them. I don't have the time now, but I may do a break down of injuries by team over time. I did this once and it was telling. For example, the Redskins last yer I believe finished with morer than 300 lost starter games due to injury. Any year before 2016, that would have been a run away worse in the NFL. Last year i think it was 4th. 

The CBA has really thrown a monkey wrench into the practice rules, and with the increased number of injuries I wonder if it will be revamped or dropped altogether.



They are starters now. Docston can play big if someone would throw him the ball. Anyway, what you want is a stud - a reasonable goal. However, they have tried and i like the talent elevators right now. 

Its been mentioned that Gruden was begging Alex Smith to throw more downfield but he just didn't do it. If he does come back { which I don't believe he will } then he will have to be sat down and talked to; if Gruden calls a certain play and he either checks out of it or simply doesn't start attacking more downfield, he shouldn't be behind center.  I still hate this move of bringing him here, especially for the amount of money/contract that he got out of it from Allen; its just another poor decision and negotiation of Allen's that makes me hate that man with a passion.

Doctson hasn't been given many chances on big plays, but his route running capabilities are not great either. He needs to do some off-season training to become better, because he's the #1 WR but not playing like it. Some of his routes are slow curving runs that doesn't fake anyone.


Looks like we agree here. 


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If we do bring in a top notch coach, rest assured Allen will still be here, basically ensuring the new head coach is destined to fail. He will just bide his time / try to get fired once he figures out how we roll.  It may be for the best to ensure Jay remains in place until Allen is gone, even if we have to extend Jay.  


Maybe Jay needs to force Dan to make a decision, me or Bruce.  Ironically Jay may be our best avenue to replace Bruce.  Or maybe Doug.

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