Who should be the next head coach for the Skins

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On 12/9/2018 at 5:05 PM, Peregrine said:

I see you THINK you have a clue about them, because 20 years ago you played under them for a season.  Which leads to the extreme arrogance of both now thinking you are the authority on them, as well as that nothing has changed in 20 years.


We all know their history, most of us have web browsers.  Bradleys defense was quite poor, and Wash didnt end up as the DC until his last year.  Since then, the new HC has seen Wash's defense as much better than Bradleys, and kept him on.  Bradley's defense failed, Wash's has succeeded.


But yes, lets ALSO pretend that Belichick's deffense, and offense for that matter, is really just Bill Parcells, because a former assistant doing better things than their "master" has never happened....except the other thousand times it has.



Weird how the Chargers defense is doing so well. 

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