The only reason I don't think this thread is too early is because I don't believe it should be Colt, regardless of what happens with Alex.  It would be a mistake in my opinion to go into next year with a career backup as our starter, we should not do that, that's not why he's here, he's here in case of what just happened to Alex.   Having said that, I'm not having luck finding a QB in the draft that will make sense around the time that we will be drafting.  It make me wonder if we maybe should be thinking about drafting a QB in the second round as opposed to the first.  I'd be perfectly fine trading down just to have someone we can at least develop into the next Colt McCoy for us.   Heard on CBS that the broken leg is confirmed, so it sounds like it could be leg and ankle, that could very well be career threatening for a mobile 34 year old QB.  It may be premature but I would not be shocked if the retirement talk started and it came from us pushing for it.  We've already been frustrated by him, and there's no telling how long it will take to get back to form, which wasn't good this year anyway.  Who's to say he ever gets back to the guy we traded for, do we really want to wait to find out?   That comes to free agency.  Teddy Bridgewater contract doesn't make any sense to me, could use some help confirming if we are waiting on the Saints to void the final years or not for him to be a free agent.  Otherwise, I don't see anyone that I would sign, its not like last year where there were a couple guys would've been reasonable stopgaps.  Tyrod Taylor?  No thanks.   So ya, I don't know what the clear answer is on this one, but I do believe its fair to say we don't have to wait to have it all things considered.  There's something else I want to add to this that I don't want to get banned for so I'll just say that both that opinion and that decision was not worth it.