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What's the most fun you've had lately?

Spaceman Spiff

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I'm assuming it's not discussing, the WaPo Journalist killed at the Saudi Consolate, Trump, Immigration, mass shootings, Trump, an assault on American democracy aka Trump, more Trump, Georgetown Hoyas basketball, White Nationalist Demonstrations, Trump, Election 2018, Trump, Russia, Trump, Brexit and more Trump. 


Or maybe I'm wrong, maybe your idea of having a blast is sitting around and banging away on your keyboards about that stuff.  But I think I know better.  I'm just saying that the front page of the Tailgate looks pretty grim.  It can't be doom and gloom all the time.


I think one of the most fun things I've gotten to do lately is show @Destinothe ropes on how to cover games for ES.  We've done it twice and the dude has it down, there's no shortage of laughs at all.  But seeing him get to talk hoops with David Aldridge in the Fed Ex press box was like seeing a kid open a big present on Christmas.  


What about you savages? 

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Spent about 3 1/2 hours at 



in Santa Fe two weeks ago.  It's hard to describe. To call it a multi-media, multi-sensory, interactive art exhibit doesn't do it justice.  There's a Victorian house inside a dark building.  It looks like a regular house... almost. 






That's really the floor and wall of the bathroom:



Different pathways... through closets, unmarked doors, walls, lead to an alternate reality:



The back story is that strange things happened to the family that lived there. I opened the refrigerator in the kitchen and it led to a tunnel into a different world:













THAT was fun. No psychotropic drugs involved.

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18 minutes ago, Warhead36 said:

Took a weekend cabin trip to Shenandoah a couple weeks ago with a group of friends. Was awesome. Hiked and checked out Skyline Drive during the day, partied at night.


Took our big dog hiking a few weeks ago on the AT and up Hawksbill Mountain, catching some of the Fall colors.



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I went to the Renwick Gallery a few weeks ago (part of the Smithsonian) they had some pretty amazing pieces in their Burning Man retrospective. It's a small exhibit, but the use of texture and light was really cool.  Better yet, they had this really cool glowing kinetic mushroom art piece. It looked like A Halo of Mushrooms and I jokingly bragged to everyone that my novel had made it so big that it rated a space at the Smithsonian.


Second place might be the reading that I participated in last weekend. A group of local authors were invited to share a work in progress at the Olney Library. We had a great turnout, pretty much every seat was filled (maybe fifty folks.) Even better, I got some really hearty laughter in the right places. One of the things about literary works, kind of like radio, is that you never completely know if what your writing lands. Getting to hear the visceral immediate response of an audience was great.

41 minutes ago, TheGreatBuzz said:

Well, this thread at least reminded me that I need a break.

Do it. Most of concentrate on feeding the wallet and meeting needs. Every so often though, you have to feed the soul.

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1 hour ago, Springfield said:

I play hockey twice a week and I love it.  Win or lose I try to make sure that I have fun.  Just the fun of being on the ice, gliding around and handling the puck.  It’s great.

Oh, that reminds me, I played in a tournament in Atlantic City a few weeks ago.  Came home with a gold medal dangling from my neck.

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Had some friends over for a bourbon tasting a couple weeks ago. It was a blast!! Our very own Skinsfan1311 was even in attendance. 



Then last weekend a friend from SC came into town and more whiskey debauchery issued. We went to DC and visited Chaplin’s, The POP Up Bar and Chicken and Whiskey. Finishing the night off at Jumbo Slice. 





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Taking my daughter fishing for the first time this year was great.  She spent most of the time trying to find lizards and excitedly warning me about every snake she saw.  "I'm really allowed to throw all the rocks I want into the water.  I won't get in trouble?" (she spent a solid 30 minutes throwing rocks into the water).  Not a great way of catching fish though.  She then discovered that bluegills love potato chips and asked if we could use cheese to catch one.  We did, and we did.  Great day.  


Also as @Spaceman Spiff wrote, getting a press pass was amazing.  Not something I expected to ever get a chance to do.  I've sat everywhere in that stadium, but I've never been in the press box,the locker room, or stepped foot on the actual field.  Good thing I had a guide to help me find everything, because I managed to get lost just trying to find the press mud pit parking lot.  Great experience. 






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Veteran's Day fishing tournament over two days in the Kwajalein Atoll of the Marshall Islands this past weekend.  At one point we were unknowingly swimming with Oceanic Whitetips circling our boat until the one guy left in the boat pointed it out to us.  We got first place in aggregate weight and second place in biggest fish.  Safe to say I have a lot of yellowfin and dogtooth tuna meat in the freezer!





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