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I guess Geron Christian is up?  I mean we suited up Casey Dunn when Lauvao was out, but unless we're willing to shift Scherff, Lauvao or Bergstom outside(all played tackle in college) we kind of need him more

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4 hours ago, SkinsGuy said:

Yes, I can't see this thumb injury keeping Williams out a month.


Trent is tough as nails. He's probably throwing a fit now about not being allowed to play.


I have no worries about Ty. He is an excellent back-up left tackle. I can think of several offensive lines (giants) where he would start over pretty much everyone playing on that line now.

Here in this diagram you can easily see the two ligaments that would be affected by a thumb dislocation.  Surgery would have been to suture and patch the tear.  He isn't going to be able make any sort of grip with that hand for 4-6 weeks.  He would likely miss the next 6-8 games unless he can play with a cast.  I wouldn't expect TW to play anytime soon.  




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8 hours ago, benskins26 said:


UjsqjG2E_bigger.jpgDan GrazianoVerified account @DanGrazianoESPN
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A bit more on Washington LT Trent Williams: I'm told the expectation is that he'll miss "about a month" following thumb surgery. Washington's next 4 games are vs. ATL, at TB, vs. HOU, at DAL.

My question is- as tough as Trent is, I would be shocked that a broken thumb would sideline him a month. Seems that a hard cast would do the trick? 

He could play with a cast but if you watch TW play, he isn't a DLmen and he needs his other hand.  I suppose if Ty is sufficient they'll let TW heal until he can hold a grip and play him with a brace for support, but he's a human being and unless they fill him full of rHGH high dosage then it will take 4+ weeks for the minimum healing of those anchors.  Otherwise he'll tear it again the same game he returns and it will end his season.  


Absolutely NO WAY he can regrow tissues to heal a ligament tear in less than 4 weeks and it's more likely +4 weeks with normal athletes able to bear 2lb of grip after 6 weeks.  They got 9 games left, so I'd say he might be back for the last couple at the end of the year unless they want him to play one handed with a club.  In that case, it wouldn't be the same TW nor be better then Ty.  


I would estimate TW to back for the Jaguars game 12/17.  

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6 hours ago, JoggingGod said:

You guys way overhype Ty Nsekhe ???? Dude is trash.


No one said he is another Joe Jacoby or Jim Lachey, but he anchors the left side of the line very well in Trent's absence.


Ty certainly isn't "trash", whatever your definition is of that. :rolleyes:

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3 hours ago, wilco_holland said:

Yeah Im mentally prepared for a couple of though weeks. Trent out. Working Haha into the line-up. 3 games against teams who can score points and pressure the QB. 



Then can pull 2-1 out these three games would be great, 1-2 not a death nil,,,,would love to see 2-1

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5 minutes ago, ColonialWBSkinsFan said:

Makes me sick to my stomach to bump this post, but need to know about the status of:






My guess is Scherff and Lauvao done for season, and Moses plays hurt like it seems he always does. 



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1 hour ago, Cooleyfan1993 said:

Redskins are such a cursed franchise....how the **** do we keep getting injured? EVERY YEAR. 

Thompson has been injured since year dot as has Lauvao


moses and Williams are constantly dinged up and Williams is getting older - that’s a consistently injured three in an o line. We should have went for depth there and went hard at a couple of good free agents. 


theres injuries across just about every team


our d line and backers have been fine through these games

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Good Lord. Scherff out for the season. Richardson and Lavaou out for the season. Trent out for a month.  Moses banged up as usual. Crowder still hurt, CT still hurting ...


Worse than last year. Unreal. 

Please make Bruce Allen start at guard or tackle. Please. I want to see that destruction. 

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WOW Richardson out for the year too....so that leaves us with.....Doctson (been horrible for the most part this season although he did catch a TD yesterday finally), mo Harris, andddd....who else at WR? CURSED. 


One of these years we’ll actually have a fun season with great offense and great defense. I hope.....might not be until 2030 at this rate. Good lord. **** everything. 

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2 minutes ago, bobandweave said:


Just saw this too, seasons over. It was fun while it lasted.

Its unfortunate but its insurmountable, we've seen what it looks like without Trent and Scherff, sure you can get a good game or 2 out of scrubs but that's it.


As bad as the offense has looked it will get much worse.

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I think they win two more games this year. Thing that really really pisses me off about this is that the underlying issue is never going to get fixed under Snyder. If he doesn’t fix the practice facilities and really invest into keeping the players healthy this issue will never go away. Doesn’t matter who the players or coaches are. This issue will never go away until Dan decides it time to invest

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