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Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread


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11 hours ago, MartinC said:

I seem to recall they moved a practice to a nearby High School gym one year. I guess you could call that an indoor facility!


If I recall correctly I think they held a closed practice in the convention center downtown across the street from the Coliseum. My guess is they would do the same thing if field conditions become an issue.


The next couple of days should be fine storm-wise, although the fields are probably a little soggy from all the rain we've received this week.


Looking out over the next week or so I think we'll just have typical Richmond summertime weather - hot, humid and a chance of storms in the afternoon.

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Cannot believe camp is here. The caps going all the way right into the World Cup has made this offseason fly by for me quicker than any previous offseason in awhile. Im glad they have decided to ease Jordan Reed into the year. I think most of us knew last year deep down that when he picked up the injury during camp it was going to be an entire year thing if they didn't shut him down until October. They didn't do that and he was never right.

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4 hours ago, SkinsGuy said:

The weather forecast being put out there for Richmond on twitter is inaccurate.


There is no significant chance of rain here until Sunday evening.



Can we get someone to bury an inverted bottle of whiskey there?

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