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2018 - 19 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals Thread


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7 minutes ago, DogofWar1 said:

That was some nice puck movement.  And a great little delay by Kuzy, just threw the entire defense out of whack and opened that window for Ovie.


When they were coming towards the net I told my son watch this, it should be a goal. And that was a beauty indeed. Flurry was all the way to his right and didn't have enough time to quickly move to his left. Very nice pass indeed. 


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Just now, zskins said:


No. I got home around 10 pm. I will have to watch the highlights on that one. 


It was way worse defense than the one that didn't count. Djoos didn't move his legs, Holtby slid out of position and Orpik didn't get the back post. 

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8 minutes ago, Warhead36 said:

We got a goal overturned because our video review guys are top notch.


Take notes Gruden...

Gruden doesn’t take notes. Or isolate a weakness. Or play to a strength. Or make sure his team is ready to start the season. Or come off a bye. Or show up when it matters. Or how to hire a competent DC. Or not abandon the run at the slightest adversity. Or know what debauchery means. Other than that though...

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1 hour ago, Redskin4ever said:

The Caps are rolling on offense. They look like they can do what they want out there. They do need to work on the defense, but I expect that to come around as the year goes on.

Getting Kempny back is a good start.  I look forward to seeing what Siegenthaler does when he gets a shot.

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47 minutes ago, Sticksboi05 said:

Remember how from 2005-2010 prime Ovechkin was at the point where you could not turn from the screen when he had the puck? I think Kuznetsov has arrived at that level (though he's not as good as Ovechkin was in that era).




I love watching the chemistry between Backy and Kuzy on the PP. There isn’t a team with a better first and second line center combo in the league. 

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1 hour ago, Springfield said:


Pittsburgh is pretty good if we’re being reality


I was careful to say they weren’t the best but there is no one better. Pens centers are more goal scorers and often Malkin will play wing with Crosby too. Two different types of centers.

Copley playing great. Caps currently with no legs and not helping at all

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