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2018 - 19 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals Thread


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Pretty crappy that they have to hit the road for this back to back, and play the Penguins in their building to start off. Hope some of that energy carries over. I think/hope it does. You know the Penguins will be looking to slow that mo right at the offset. They have to have been put on high alert after last night. . 

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14 minutes ago, SoulSkin said:

They look like they're just running out of gas. 

Yeah I don't blame them though. A ton of adrenaline last night + travelling today. Probably all catching up to them. And they're still tied up


Also, can we talk about how they have 13 goals in the first 2 games (so far).. this offense is gonna be fun to watch this year


Would love to see oshie get the hat trick

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Good to see the officiating was in mid season form. 7 PP opportunities for the Pens, 2 for the Caps. Seems about right. 


Getting a point on on the road in a season opening back to back set is perfectly acceptable.  Weren’t going 82-0 anyway. 

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