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2018 - 19 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals Thread

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9 hours ago, The Evil Genius said:

Vegas definitely worked the system in building that team (no problem with that). But the system was so in their favor this time to start with, that's what I have a problem with. 

I agree with this, but at the same time, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a proverbial hockey "expert" that predicted that Vegas would be as good as they were last season even after the lineup was set. 

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I don't understand this notion of them being Caps West. They went to a finals before us. They've only been around like 25 years. They routinely made the WCF and lost to better teams. And worst of all, they dominate the Caps constantly at SAP Center. So screw that notion. 

On a brighter note I am bored at work so 


"Orpy is always saying don't eat too much pasta," Burakovsky said. "When we eat pregame meals and I put dressing on the salad, he's like, 'Cut down on that a little bit.'"
It may sound harsh, but it's all in good spirit -- and all because Burakovsky asked for some help.
"He's a guy who is always asking why he's so tired," Orpik says. "I know he gets enough sleep, so I told him it's probably his diet. So I've tried to help him work on that."
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1 hour ago, Mournblade said:

Diet is 90% of everything. I'm on a pretty stringent gluten-free, sugar-free kind of diet these days, and I feel better and stronger today than I did 20 years ago.  


Diet is huge. Many people don’t even realize it. I find portion control is as big a problem for most these days.

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