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Brian Lafemina,, per Ian Rappaport#Redskins to become the president of business operations and COO


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On 6/23/2018 at 3:52 PM, SWFLSkins said:


Keep us updated, just wanna know how it goes/. 

My issue was resolved today. Thanks to Mr Friedman. He was ultimately asked to fix it by Mr LaFemina, but the point is without Mr LaFemina this would have never happened. 

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Im going to put this article on ranking team fan bases here. Looked at 3 categories - fan equity ($ spent by fans), social equity (#fans following team social media) and road equity (fans at road games)


We were:


12th overall -- pretty good. We still have a large committed fan base despite W-L record past 20 years. 


27th in "social equity"???  -- I figured our smarter than average fan base (due to our location) would be tech savy. 


Im guessing this was Bruce "losing off the field" and why we brought a guy like Lafemina in. 


** who knows how they came up w rankings and considered stats/data etc. I figure the "social equity" might be the most reliable though bc that should be based on verifiable numbers of sorts. 



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On ‎5‎/‎22‎/‎2018 at 12:56 PM, kingdaddy said:

In 3 seasons he had 142 catches and 14 TD's...That works out to an average of 47 catches and about 5 TD's a season. He also was a non-factor in the red zone. I like DJax but needed more from him. I appreciate his being a good soldier and all the long catches but in my opinion he underachieved in DC. 


That's what a guy like Jackson does though. He catches long touchdown passes and does it as well as anyone in league history.


He led the league in yards per reception twice while he was here. He terrified defenses. And we have nothing remotely resembling that now. He's a relatively small human in football terms. His job is not to be good "in the red zone."

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On ‎5‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 5:59 PM, Burgold said:

Seems like they are trying to streamline and become more efficient. Bruce has done okay at managing the cap with Schaffer's help, but I'm not sure how well he has done in figuring out how the rest of it should work and how to maximize the Redskins' profits. I think they have made some misses on that side. In addition, I think they have failed to maximize the fan experience at Fed Ex.


It is interesting to me how the Redskins have shrunk. For many years, you could find Redskins stores in shopping malls. I think they're all gone. The Redskins seemed to want to control messaging and use radio as their major means of communicating. Now, that's gone. So, what are we seeing outside the core business? 


Honestly, I'm talking without having done any research so I might be wrong about everything, but I think they are shrinking themselves to their core business. That might be very smart, but it also could be a sign that the coffers have shrunk.


I'm very much of the opinion that Snyder is in some kind of cash crunch. Obviously, he's not "broke" because the Redskins are worth many many many times what he paid for them. But I wonder if at this point, he's sort of house rich/cash poor..


He's had a lot of side businesses go tits up in recent years, and he's clearly done playing games with the yearly profitability of the team.


It seems like for the past 20 years, the perception that the team was wildly successful financially was the important thing. Now, he's actually trying to milk money out of the team.

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