2018 Fantasy Football

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Well doing post mortems on my teams. I won the Championship with this  one and wow looking back this was an absolutely horrible draft can't believe I even made the playoffs (I was a 5th seed in the playoffs). (2 QB Superflex why I drafted so many QBs) Ended up dropping 10 these guys .




Player Pos Team Pick
Winston, Jameis QB TBB 6.12
Trubisky, Mitch QB CHI 8.12
Taylor, Tyrod QB CLE 9.1
Allen, Josh QB BUF 11.1
Foles, Nick QB PHI 12.12
Gurley, Todd RB LAR 1.1
Williams, Jamaal RB GBP 7.1
Peterson, Adrian RB WAS 10.12
Adams, Davante WR GBP 2.12
Baldwin, Doug WR SEA 4.12
Cooper, Amari WR DAL 5.1
Benjamin, Kelvin WR KCC 13.1
Richardson, Paul WR WAS 15.1
Doctson, Josh WR WAS 17.1
Gronkowski, Rob TE NEP 3.1
Clay, Charles TE BUF 16.12
Tucker, Justin K BAL 14.12
WAS Redskins D WAS 18.12


Final Roster (Reacquired Foles and Williams from free agency during the playoffs).

Player Pos Team Bye Pick
Trubisky, Mitch QB CHI 5 8.12
Mullens, Nick QB SFO 11 FA
Foles, Nick QB PHI 9 FA
Gurley, Todd RB LAR 12 1.1
Martin, Doug RB OAK 7 FA
Peterson, Adrian RB WAS 4 10.12
Conner, James RB PIT 7 FA
Williams, Jamaal RB GBP 7 FA
Adams, Davante WR GBP 7 2.12
Baldwin, Doug WR SEA 7 4.12
Cooper, Amari WR DAL 8 5.1
Cobb, Randall WR GBP 7 FA
Sanu, Mohamed WR ATL 8 FA
Gronkowski, Rob TE NEP 11 3.1
Cook, Jared TE OAK 7 FA
Tucker, Justin K BAL 10 14.12
HOU Texans D HOU 10 FA
CLE Browns D CLE 11 FA
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