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Miami Herald: I’m done trying to understand Trump supporters. Why don’t they try to understand me?

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Touting efforts to subvert the election, Rush Limbaugh bemoans that Trump supporters are coming across as “kooks”


Rush Limbaugh:


As a conservative, it's getting harder and harder to not look like a kook. I just — just kidding. But no, all of this stuff that's floating around out there that is — it's impossible to keep up. Because there's a lot of it, there are so many theories, and all of them have a trace of validity to them. And the left is doing everything it can to make every one of them appear to be right out of Kookville. And so, people that believe these things have got to run the risk, or weather the storm, of being called a kook, because that's how they're trying to discredit all this.


They know, for example, mainstream Republicans don't want anything to do with kooks, racism, bigotry, homophobia, whatever. And so all they have to do is run around saying every one of these theories that we're hearing to explain voter fraud, “That's just Kook City, it's just Kookville.” And so they're trying to get mainstream Republicans — and they don't have to work very hard on this, by the way, mainstream Republicans have a patent on staying silent.


I think the attempt to call these people kooks, is almost as effective as calling them racists.


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Parler Users Are Gathering on Facebook to Complain About Parler


Last month, supporters of President Donald Trump announced their exodus from Facebook to “free speech” platforms such as Parler and MeWe after Facebook banned a series of groups for promoting election fraud conspiracy theories. Within a week, Parler became the most downloaded app on Apple and Android devices, and its user base doubled to more than 10 million members, the company said.

But cutting the Facebook cord appears easier said than done, and fledgling Parler users are gathering in Facebook groups dedicated to the act of abandoning Facebook. There, users are complaining about Parler’s confusing interface and the loneliness of a platform that none of their friends and family use.

Thousands of supposed Parler converts have joined groups like “Parler Invite Group” and “Who is moving to Parler,” OneZero found. These were created as spaces for people to share their Parler usernames, find new acquaintances, and bemoan the moderation of far-right content on Facebook. (Some of the groups appeared before the November banning of “Stop the Steal” groups, reflecting how Parler has been courting conservatives for years.)


“My Parlers appear but never get responses. Seeming more like social solitude than social networking so far,” one person wrote in the “Parler Invite Group,” which is private and counts nearly 8,000 members.

“I’ve talked to so many that can’t even figure out how to get on it,” another member posted. “They’re still on FB thinking they’re on Parler.”


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He Pretended to Be Trump’s Family. Then Trump Fell for It.


Last month, between tweets disputing his election loss, President Trump posted an article from a conservative website that said his sister Elizabeth Trump Grau had just joined Twitter to publicly back her brother’s fight to overturn the vote.


“Thank you Elizabeth,” Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter. “LOVE!”


But the Twitter account that prompted the article was not his sister’s. It was a fake profile run by Josh Hall, a 21-year-old food-delivery driver in Mechanicsburg, Pa.


“I was like, ‘Oh, my goodness. He actually thinks it’s his sister,’” Mr. Hall, a fervent Trump supporter, said in an interview last week.


It was a surreal coda to nearly a year of deception for Mr. Hall. Since February, he had posed as political figures and their families on Twitter, including five of the president’s relatives. He had pretended to be Robert Trump, the president’s brother; Barron Trump, the president’s 14-year-old son; and Dr. Deborah L. Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator. The accounts collectively amassed more than 160,000 followers.


Using their identities, he gained attention by mixing off-color political commentary with wild conspiracy theories, including one that the government wanted to implant Americans with microchips, and another that John F. Kennedy Jr., who died in a plane crash in 1999, was alive and about to replace Mike Pence as vice president.


“There was no nefarious intention behind it,” Mr. Hall said. “I was just trying to rally up MAGA supporters and have fun.”


Many of those “Make America Great Again” followers appeared to believe the posts. Records also show that some accounts served another purpose: directing people to give Mr. Hall money. They promoted a fund-raiser for a political group Mr. Hall created called “Gay Voices for Trump.” In an interview, he admitted that the group didn’t exist. The fund-raiser brought in more than $7,300.


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Newsmax, one of Trump's new favorite networks, is reportedly trying to poach Fox News employees with offers of higher salaries


The upstart, arch-conservative network Newsmax is trying to woo several Fox News employees with offers of higher pay, according to Axios. 


Two Fox News bookers told Axios that Newsmax had reached out to them, as well as several other staff members - most of whom are younger workers on lower salaries. 


Bookers are crucial employees whose job it is to secure guests on shows as quickly as possible.


The two bookers who spoke to Axios said it was likely Newsmax wanted access to their extensive contacts.


The rivalry comes a couple of weeks after it emerged Fox News had been pressuring some of its guests to avoid Newsmax, according to CNN's Brian Stelter.


Newsmax's star is on the rise in the sphere of hyper-partisan support for President Donald Trump and his challenges to the 2020 election results.


In recent years, he has soured on his onetime favorite channel Fox News. He now frequently heaps praise on Newsmax and One America News Network, both of whom have recently made an aggressive play for his attention and followers by uncritically amplifying his baseless claims of election fraud. 


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I swear these people are all insane:


Giuliani’s Star ‘Election Fraud’ Witness Says ‘The Obamas Funded That Wuhan Lab to Make COVID’: Report


Mellissa Carone, Rudy Giuliani’s “star” witness during the Michigan state legislature “hearing” on non-existent election fraud has been widely mocked – so much so “Saturday Night Live” parodied her in its cold open last week.


Mellissa Carone is now talking to right wing media, including Sarah Palin’s website, where she shared her thoughts on the election and the coronavirus pandemic.



“This is what they do to Trump,” Carone said. It’s not going to work with me. I won’t back down because I am very religious and I know God is watching over me. This started with COVID. The Obamas funded that Wuhan lab to make COVID. Then the impeachment process. They’ve used every avenue possible to cheat, they used Dominion. Dominion software was created to cheat. I have a binder from Dominion that proves this. There’s so much more that will be exposed.”


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