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How Derrius Guice fits in Redskins’ offense — including on plays with Chris Thompson


The Redskins were the beneficiaries when LSU star running back Derrius Guice unexpectedly fell to them late in the second round of the 2018 draft. As a runner, Guice has the talent to have been a top-15 pick and provides Washington with a lead running back to carry the load on first and second down.


He also projects as a good fit in the Redskins’ scheme, and should pair well with receiving back Chris Thompson, who was enjoying a breakout year in 2017 before a season-ending injury. Here is a look at how Guice should fit in Washington’s offense.


At LSU, Guice played in every running scheme that he’s likely to see in the NFL. One of the foundational runs of the Redskins’ offense is the wide zone, at which Guice excels.


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Everyone is dumping on Perine,but with the addition of Guice I think will help him 10 fold in the long run..Remember this kid put up Crazy number in college(yeah I know,in only a handful of games and not against Top Tier teams)but he knows how to run-if it was that easy every back coming outta college would have 276 yard game under their belt!!!

Perine is a thumper reguardless & IMO he still needs another season to grow and adjust to NFL games..Guice is a stud hands down but I’m not thinking we throw Perine on the wood pile just yet but having him as a change of pace guy to help where down defenses,especially in bad weather games won’t hurt us one bit!!


im loving the direction our team is headed and with our new upgrades after the draft,plus last years additions are gonna show up Big Time this year..We’re not expected to do much so I can’t wait to prove all the non-believers wrong and show em they really don’t know ?!!!!



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There’s an interesting intersection of Gruden not previously having a stud back, the run game (and some blocking elements) not working in the past, the addition of Smith and (potentially?) the RO, the makeup of the oline, Callahan, having a very good 3rd down back like Thompson, and more.  


It’s going to be a really interesting season, IMO.  


One of the many sort of off-the-wall potential byproducts might be that we see some jet sweeps with Crowder (or Richardson?).  

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3 hours ago, wilco_holland said:

I must be honest, this guy is very likable. He looks like the most happy dude ever. He is smiling. All his interviews he looks so freaking happy to be here. 


Either he is phony baloney or the Redskins got this years steal of the draft. As someone else said, this has boom or bust written all over it. I say this with the honest belief I think WE have hit a grand slam here. 

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I’m really excited for him, think he could be great. But expecting him to be great today is a little much to throw at him right now I believe. Give him ample room to be himself and all the support he needs in regards to transitioning to “real life” and his new profession.


He’s a kid, he’s excited, he seems good hearted. I love it, however, I could see why some teams said he may be a little immature/has lots to learn(who didn’t at that age), but for now let’s call it youthful exuberance. Gotta give him the benefit of doubt. He seems to have always handled his business when it came to football. 


Dude is built like a very fast fire hydrant..stout frame. Should be a fun ride..





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