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Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith! Or Not!! (M.E.T.) NO kirk talk---that goes in ATN forum


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From Keim on Facebook


3. If the run game doesn’t improve, the Redskins’ offense has no chance to be effective. There were a couple times Sunday where I wondered: What would Derrius Guice do with that hole? Adrian Peterson looked a bit slower on some of the bounces. But after I watched a few more of his runs, I felt it was a lot about Dallas’ speed at inside linebacker than anything. Dallas’ defense is good in part because of Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch; both are fast and instinctive. The Redskins have speed, toughness and instincts at linebacker, but not always in the same person. It makes a difference. On one run in which Peterson cut off left tackle Smith was there about three yards off the ball. Peterson probably should have just bulled forward and gained four yards. He tried to bounce wide. He gained two. Smith made him look slower. However, Peterson had injured his shoulder in pass protection earlier in the game and that also could have impacted his decision to try and bounce, avoiding more possible damage.


4. Yes, losing right guard Brandon Scherff has made a big difference in the run game. There were enough missed blocks, especially early in the game that made it difficult to run. It wasn’t just by Scherff’s replacement, Tony Bergstrom, it was by center Chase Roullier and right tackle Morgan Moses and others. On one Peterson sweep to the left, receiver Josh Doctson turned inside because he was going to crack the end. But tight end Jeremy Sprinkle blocked him instead. So Doctson looked for someone to block and couldn’t find anyone. Meanwhile, the safety was the one unblocked and made the tackle for no gain. I don’t know who had the breakdown, but it cost the Redskins a possible four- or five-yard gain. That’s not a lot, but for a team that needs to be in positive down and distance, it’s a bigger deal.

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On 8/20/2018 at 12:11 PM, volsmet said:


I’m among those who think it was an awful trade & thinks Alex is significantly better than Kirk. 


Slightly better, must have been autocorrected 👀, this guy is spot on.


On 3/18/2018 at 2:33 PM, volsmet said:


If we were going to use Fuller & a 3rd to improve our roster, I’d like to think it would be for something that wasn’t so readily available. As you said, Keenum & A.J. were there. Tyrod is fine. I’d rather have Tyrod for a year & Fuller than Smith for 3. 


This will be exceedingly unpopular, but I’d rather have $700,000 of Siemian with Fuller & a 3rd than Smith. I’d rather have Smith than Cousins, but we are not a threat to Philly in 2018/19 & should be preparing to beat on them when they have to hand Wentz the largest contract in nfl history. If we were going to compete with them now it was going to be because of Fuller & the guys who make life difficult on Wentz & the Cowboys. No one thinks this is a move that will make us contenders & I find that frustrating - given the cost.


Give me that money, Fuller & the pick. 


That said, welcome to Washington, Alex. Prove me wrong, it’s not an unfamiliar position. 




5 hours ago, Malapropismic Depository said:

Let's all get behind JJ !!!

And just like JJ Walker from Good Times, I think our JJ is also gonna be DYNOMITE !



Im more excited about seeing Josh than I was about seeing Alex after week 1 or Colt after 2 quarters in Dallas. What a time to be alive.

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Not sure the purpose of bumping up this thread.  But yeah very sad QB year.  Alex the 25th ranked QB in the NFL in QBR and he would play like some of his critics in KC say he would and that surprised me.  I thought he'd play better -- then we got his horrific injury and hope the dude ends up OK first and foremost.  Very sad.  If he returns, I get the idea that mastering a new offense does take time, etc so maybe he'd rediscover some of his 2017 game eventually.  


Colt whose rap was even if he's improved as backup in training -- still be cautious because the dude has always been brittle. He lasted a little over a game.  Sanchez lived up to his infamous reputation and made the team look like a laughing stock in his one start.


But yeah Josh Johnson seemed intriguing in his small sample just as Colt did in his small sample against the Texans.  It would add to the bizarre year at QB if Josh ends up the dude that moves the ball the best among the QBs that played this year.  But you never know. 


Listening to Finlay just now. He said Josh has a much stronger arm than either Alex or Colt after watching all of them in practice. Weird to have some hype for the 4th string Qb.

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5 hours ago, volsmet said:


Slightly better, must have been autocorrected 👀, this guy is spot on.





interesting you'd come back to this thread to gratuitously quote yourself and violate the very thread rule you were already busted for once and then go on to extend the "kirk talk" in further violation


also this is your 3rd rule 18 violation in short period of time which usually would mean a perma-ban, but we'll just go with what the thread states---90 day ban (and after you were previously given a pass)


also, I think this latest act of self-immolation in the qb wars can cap another of these epic (many other adjectives also fitting) threads


since we have other topics available that fit the changes in the QB situations as they stand, we'll bury this one alongside its infamous comrades and await the birth of the Josh Johnson Jubilation Jamboree thread

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